Until yesterday October 24th 2019, most Google searches surrounding the word "BERT" was likely about the sesame characters Bert & Ernie. 

But isn’t it funny how in a blink of an eye, what would have been the top result moments ago can change to something that is more relevant? 


20 years ago this was impossible. Information changed on average between the speed of the latest printing of an encyclopedia and the daily newspaper. Now, if you felt the ground shake around your house, you’re googling to see if there was an earthquake. 


Google is now the source of all answers (even ones that just happened)! And through the years after countless search algorithm updates, Google has evolved and changed to provide its users with faster and more relevant information.


The Google algorithm update BERT is designed to address the users intent behind a search. So for example; Two people could search for BERT in google at the same time and are very likely expecting different results. In one case you have a stay at home mom who wants to know about the latest episode of Sesame Street, while the business owner is trying to understand what the heck does “BERT” have to do with my website.


Same search query. Different results.


Search results seem extremely simple, but in fact, it is one of the most complicated aspects about the internet.  Google wants websites to no longer write for “bots” and computers. Google’s latest algorithm update is the largest its had in 5 years and its for the average joe! It will impact 1 out of every 10 searches. 


In short, Google cares about natural writing. Writing in a way so Google can understand the context. This is all part of the core search update that has taken place with the BERT update. If you rely on search and featured snippets to deliver quality traffic to your website, please continue to read our "How will the New Google Bert Update Impact My Website


How Will the New Google BERT Update Impact My Website. .  

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