Blogging can boost your SEO rankings, engage new and existing customers, and help grow your business, but how do you write the perfect blog post? Get past your blank page phobia (it’s real!) with these tips. You might even spruce up your dating game while you’re at it.

Get creepy.

You wouldn’t head out on a date without doing some background research, would you? No, because that’s how people go missing.

Quality blog writing is like dating. You have to be a responsible adult and Facebook stalk potential mates before making any commitments. Similarly, you need to research your topic before you start publishing things willy nilly.

So, before you dive on in, do your research. Jot down an outline of how you see the blog post progressing, and do more specific research for each main point to boost your credibility.

Reel ‘em in with the perfect [head]line.

Headlines make or break your copy. Like a good pick-up line, the best headlines:

  • Spark a connection
  • Are short and sweet (65 characters or less for SEO purposes. Note: this character limit is optional for pick-up lines, but highly encouraged.)
  • Let the audience know what they’re about to get into while leaving just enough to the imagination to keep things interesting.

Post a photo.

The selfie, the (fake) candid, the group shot -- you wouldn’t post a dating profile without your favorite photos, so don’t leave your blog posts hanging high and dry either. Choose tasteful, relevant images for your post to draw people in.

Make small talk.

Small talk makes some of us shudder, but it’s a useful tool to master for your dating life and your blogging life. Introductions help everyone relax and get the conversation rolling. Remember, the introduction doesn’t need to cover your life story. A good introduction offers a few highlights about what the rest of the blog post has to offer.

Order appetizers.

A good lead in for a blog post is like an appetizer: enjoyable and easily digestible, but it doesn’t fill you up too much before the main course. A lead-in works by grabbing your attention and reminding you that even though you’re enjoying the bruschetta, you’re hungry for something even more satisfying.

The Main Event.

The main body of the text is where you build on the lead in and introduction.  Always keep your headline in mind while writing the body text.

Remember, your audience is here because the headline, featured image, and introduction kept them interested. You’ve made it this far without your audience skipping out between the small talk and the appetizers, so now you just have to keep the conversation going.

PRO TIP: No one likes an oversharer. Stay focused on the original topic and address your main points in a calm, clear and conversational tone.

Bow out gracefully.

All good things must come to an end, but not too abruptly. You don’t want to ruin a good thing by making an awkward exit.

Ease your audience into the conclusion with a few closing statements that point back to the original question, problem, or conflict that initially led them to your blog post. Your wit and charm might have kept them at the table, but their own needs and wants started their search in the first place.

Leave ‘em wanting more.

Hey, just because they’ve reached the end of the meal doesn’t mean the date has to end. Invite your audience to engage with you further even though the main course has come to a close. A witty, friendly call to action gives your audience an opportunity to:


  • Sign up for an email list
  • Navigate to another section of your website
  • Contact you with follow-up questions

Share your address.

Disclaimer: this is great blogging advice, but maybe (read: definitely) not great dating advice.

Make sure your email address, social media accounts, and any other preferred contact information is available at the bottom of each of your posts for people to share your content with their own social circles. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful tools for getting eyes and ears on your content.


Bonus tip: Nu expression has some pretty nifty blog writers here in our office, and they don’t just write for us. You, too, can harness their research and writing skills, SEO strategies, and their random collection of fun facts for your own blog.

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