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How to Win Over Millennial Homeowners

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Olivia Orme
Millenial homeowners

The home service industry has shifted dramatically over the past few years, specifically around real estate. Compared to Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, millennial homeownership is on the rise, and they are quickly becoming the largest targeted market for most businesses. 

Buying a home is more than just the American Dream to millennials: it’s about making a long-term investment that is both practical and emotionally satisfying.

Since they account for 1 of every 3 homebuyers, the percentage of millennials who are interested in home buying will continue to increase in the upcoming years. If you want to win over millennial homeowners with effective marketing strategies, we have a few tips to help you out.

Cater to First-Time Buyers

Many millennials in the current market are buying a house for the first time. Because they are inexperienced, it’s important to make sure your content and marketing strategies are informative, but not overwhelming. There is already so much that goes into purchasing and maintaining a home, the last thing they’ll want is to go to your website or resource and feel more confused. Quick, simple, and informative guides are exactly what millennials are looking for.

Keep the Voice Honest

Part of appealing to millennials is creating simple and honest content. Millennials want their voices to be heard, but at the same time, value the trust and connection they can make with a company. Make sure your emails and blogs are filled with content that is relevant to their goals and honest about what they can expect from homeownership, or caring for their home.

A couple of ‘how to’ guides, or ‘what to expect in the first six months of owning your home’ will continue to engage and delight your customers.

Guide them through their Purchase

Millennials value honesty and getting information quickly, but most importantly they want to feel like they’re getting quality service. A large part of providing that quality service is through guiding them through their purchases and making yourself available to their needs. For instance, if you’re a real estate agent, make yourself available over email or text for all their concerns during the home buying process. 

Whether they have questions about their interest rates, current home prices, and their possible mortgage payments, guiding them through their purchase is how you can close the deal, and get positive feedback from your customers.

If you’re in the home service industry, make things accessible for customers by providing financial resources or guides they can review before making a purchase. Having an updated question and answer page, or live chatbot they can refer to will be helpful for after-hours questions.

Be Trustworthy and Encouraging

Once again, millennials homeowners value connection, so a sure-fire way to win over millennial homeowners is being the trustworthy source they can depend on. Provide helpful tips about what they can expect throughout their purchase experience, or important aspects to consider before buying a home. Things like student loans and other debt, can be some of the larger setbacks in millennial homeownership. Making their dreams seem more realistic, and encouraging them to pursue it, is going to make your millennial clients into homeowners.

If you want to connect with millennial homeowners, it’s all about an honest, engaging, and informative marketing approach. If you need assistance planning your home marketing strategy, take a look at how you can connect with homeowners to grow your business and together can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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