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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog!

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We talk about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, on our blog all the time. SEO is a process of making your website valuable, relevant, and helpful to users while also optimizing code in the website to improve your website’s ranking on search engines, like Google and Bing, for specific keywords. In the digital age, marketing has evolved to prioritize SEO. But why?

The main reason is exposure. If your website shows up first when a user searches a keyword related to your business, they will choose to work with your company over your competitors. Plus, your business gets an added level of trust and credibility by ranking highly and organically.

A question a lot of clients ask is, “But why the blog?” or “Why are you writing about things that aren’t really about my company?”

That’s a great question! We understand it seems counter-intuitive to write about things which don’t directly promote your company’s services. But it’s important to remember the purpose of your website’s blog is to bring traffic to your website, not to directly sell to online users. The increased traffic will help your website rank higher for relevant keywords, ensuring you show up when a qualified lead is searching for your services.

4 Reasons You Need a Blog on Your Website

1. Your blog is a great way to keep your website “fresh”.

One way to improve your search engine ranking is to update your site with new content on a regular basis. Google likes to see your website producing fresh content because it shows the information on your website is not outdated so it will be beneficial to users. Without a blog, it’s difficult to keep your site fresh and add quality to your user experience. Including a blog on your website allows you to add original and unique content for users.

2. Your blog increases traffic to your website.

When you write about interesting and engaging topics, your blog can provide valuable information for internet users. It’s true, some of the users your blog may attract are not always your target customer, and they may not directly purchase your products or services. Even so, their website visit will contribute to your overall website traffic and boost your search engine ranking.

Plus, having a blog is a good way to bring in clients who wouldn’t have found you just through your business’s name alone. An educational article can spark a visitor’s curiosity and encourage them to explore the rest of your site. Sometimes a potential customer doesn’t realize your product or service exists, even if it can address a problem they have. Reaching potential customers in different ways allows more people to see your business as their solution.

3. You want to be credible.

Creating informational industry-related features are a great way to increase your website’s credibility. Establish yourself as thought leaders in your industry by showing off your wealth of knowledge on your blog.

If visitors are sharing your articles, and other industry professionals are linking to your website, you can build trust with potential customers on a deeper level. Ranking highly on search engines with the help of blog posts will make you a trusted name in your industry and among customers.

4. Helpful content is good content

Yes, information about your services is a vital part of your website. But you need to focus on being helpful to your visitors. If a reader has a question, you want to answer it before they have to ask.

A blog is a great way to provide excellent service to your customers. Write educational pieces like how-to’s, DIY posts, and little-known industry secrets. Not only is this a great way to attract new visitors, but you can also care for the success of your past and ongoing clients! You want to be first one they think of when they need help you can provide. Ready to start writing your blog? Get brainstorming! Come up with some topics related to your industry as well as some which may not be directly related but will be engaging and helpful to website visitors.

Focus on being helpful and unique, not promotional or generic. Readers will naturally follow! 

If you need help getting started in the world of Inbound Marketing, contact us! We’ll craft a clear and creative message for you because we care about your success.

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