As a business owner, changing a company’s name is no small task. We announced that our company was dropping the “expression” of “Nu expression” towards the end of 2018. We’d been kicking around the idea for several months before we decided to make the change, and even then, it required some meticulous planning behind the scenes before we could share the news. Since unveiling our “Nu” name in December, we’ve received a lot of questions about how and why we decided to part ways with the “expression” part of our company’s name.

Changing our company’s name: How & Why We Did It

Simplicity. We dig simplicity.

Our motto is, “Marketing made simple. Growth you can count on.”

We simplify our clients’ marketing processes. We eliminate excessive, confusing marketing practices and focus on what works. So, shouldn’t our name and branding should be as clear and simple as our processes?

We thought so, too. So, we simplified our name.

We were already changing almost everything else about our company.

We built a new website. We transitioned from being a project-based web design firm and print business to a full-service, inbound marketing firm. We designed a new logo. We finalized plans to move to a new building.

Essentially, we recreated ourselves. Some members of our work family have left and we’ve welcomed others. We have a stronger, clearer identity, and we wanted our name to reflect that.

We saw an opportunity to provide clarity.

“Nu expression,” was a marketing firm. “Nu Expressions” is a hair salon.

Over time, we realized it’s all too common for people searching for us on the web or on a maps application to add an “s” to our name, which often guided our customers to the lobby of a nearby hair salon. Understandably, that was frustrating for both us and our customers.

Taken into account with our new look, new internal structures, and plans to move to a new office space, it just made even more sense to drop “expression” and drop any confusion with which it came.

It was already a “thing” around here. We just decided to make it official.

You’ve probably seen and/or heard us talking about “our Nu family,” “the Nu team,” and what’s going on “here at Nu” more often than not. It’s always felt like a term of endearment around here, and we wanted to share those warm, fuzzy feelings with all of you (you know, along with our stellar marketing skills).  

“Nu.” It’s short, sweet and to the point.
It’s simple, just like our marketing plans.

For more on how we’re simplifying the marketing industry and helping our clients grow their businesses, choose a time to enjoy a (free!) chat with our guy Brian at (336) 842-1022. (Sorry, we can’t give all of our secrets away willy nilly).

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