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The Key to Hiring Great Service Technicians

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Olivia Orme
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As a business owner, it’s common to experience some employee turnover over the years. However, if you are dealing with new hires year after year, you might have to take a closer look at your recruitment strategy, and see if you’re making the smartest hiring decisions.

It’s not enough to hire someone with the right technical skills - it’s important to make sure they are a well-rounded individual, that can add new depth to your company.

So, before you shake hands with a potential employee, check out some of our service technician hiring tactics.

See How They Work with Your Team

When you’re hiring a service technician, chances are they won’t be working alone. Whether they are up on the roof, fixing someone’s plumbing, or HVAC, it doesn’t do any good if they can’t work well with your current team members.

During the interview process, see if your team members would be willing to come in and chat with your new candidate. Assess how they interact, and see if the new hire meshes well with your current team. If you detect friction, chances are, they won’t be able to communicate well when it’s time to go to work.

How are their Customer Service Skills?

As a home service provider, your company is built around being in the home. That means interacting with your homeowners, and their families, on a regular basis. While you don’t want to compromise on the knowledge of a field service technician, if they can hold a conversation and talk to a customer’s child without missing a beat, they are worth the hire. A good first impression and friendly interaction will win over millennial homeowners and Gen Xer’s alike. They’ll be inclined to hire your company again in the future - earning you an A+ in customer satisfaction.

Inquire about their Long Term Goals

There are probably plenty of ways to expand and promote growth within your company - no one knows that better than you. To make sure this isn’t temporary hire, ask about their long term goals. See if they want to further their career, or show interest in project management. If they seem motivated, take that moment to promote leadership opportunities they could reach, and see how excited your prospect becomes. Showing initiative early on means they’re not just interested in a job - they want to build a long term career, which is great for your business.

Test their Knowledge

It goes without saying that in order to hire a good service technician, they need to be familiar with the job at hand. Without certain experiences, they might be a little unsteady on the job site. Test their knowledge and previous experience, to see if they have what it takes to repair a roof or renovate a kitchen. If they check off most boxes but are lacking one of two skills, see if they are open to training. Showing interest in self-improvement means you’re not just making a smart hire - you’re also investing in someone who wants to invest in themselves.

The home service industry can be tough to navigate, but with the right service technicians, your job becomes a whole lot easier! For more hiring tips, read two of our favorite blogs, Beyond a Resume: How to Get a Better Idea of a Potential Employee Before You Hire Them and How to Make Sure Employees Are Being Detail-Oriented.

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