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The Power of the Picture: Importance of Images in Marketing

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Olivia Orme
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The saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine the power of pictures on your website, social media, and various marketing platforms. Pretty powerful, right?

Given everything currently going on with COVID-19, the power of pictures is more important than ever. It’s important to use images to engage, interact, and communicate with your customers, in ways that content can’t. The right image can really go the distance with your customers, so think about how you can use images, and engaging content to enhance your marketing platform.

Increases Customer Engagement

One of the best parts of an image is how it can impact your audience. Once they discover your website, a picture captures far more than a product or service - it can set the overall tone of your company!

Yes, the tone of your company can be determined by your use of customer images. Surprising as it might seem, a customer can interpret a lot about your business just by looking at an image. While the web content provides the ‘why,’ a picture provides the ‘what.’ It’s an interesting interweaving of emotions between the two platforms, but pictures are going to say what message you’re trying to convey. The frequency of pictures can sway your buyers to act on emotion, not just reason, which can help increase your purchases, especially among millennial homeowners.

For instance, if you’re a moving company, using images of movers might be ‘practical,’ but using images of families unpacking boxes and settling into their homes is more realistic to your audience. They can empathize with those images, and associate themselves with the movers.

If you’d like to promote engagement among your audience, it’s a good idea to use images that compel, generate emotion, and set a positive tone among them. You’ll be able to see the results sooner rather than later.

Boosts Sales and Revenue

Pictures are one of the easiest ways to encourage revenue. Just by adding the appropriate images, to help promote your products, you’re providing a story your audience can connect with. The more images, the more they’ll be able to connect to your product, service, and message of your business.

Sometimes an image isn’t all about the product. It’s about creating a narrative your audience can relate to, and they’ll want to buy the product because they’ll feel compelled by the story you’ve created. Offering scenarios and situations where they can use your product, will entice them to buy, increasing your overall revenue.

The more images listed on your website, the easier it becomes to piece together a dialogue with your audience, and the opportunity for a sale increases. You can start interacting with them sooner rather than later, just by creating multiple ways for them to engage with your product.

It’s particularly powerful for home service providers because you’re able to interact with potential customers and create a connection with them prior to chats, emails, or further contact. How? Photo galleries! Collecting various images of different projects you’ve worked on is another way to compel your audience to buy and view more of your products. Getting the opportunity to view previous work, and see the quality of service, will help prompt new leads and other connections with audience members. It’s one of the best ways to interact with your audience and represent who you are on a medium they understand.

Images can be More than Pictures

Images aren’t limited to just pictures of your products. Graphics are another powerful tool that can help communicate a message to your audience in a lighter way. They don’t have the same compelling storyline as an image will, but it’s a good visual representation that can be light, fun, and informative.

Graphics are a great medium that can share ways to browse, shop, and explore different avenues of the overall shopping experience for your customers.

Graphics are just another way to make the most out of your digital marketing campaign. The most important thing to remember is how you can persuade and interest your buyers, just by engaging with the right visual mediums and spark interest among your audience. It’s these little fixes that generate big differences in the end.

Be Active on Social Media

Images can really go the distance on your website, but social media is a platform that reaches your audience on a much broader scale. If you are uncertain about how to get started on social media, all it takes are the right pictures. Showcase updated projects, new ideas or inspiration for your clients. Instagram marketing for contractors, and other home service industries, can really help you stand out against your competitors.

Really want to make an impact on your customers? Think about elevating your Instagram marketing ideas, with The Newbie's Guide to Kickstarting Your Instagram Marketing Strategy in 6 Steps. As always, consider the impact of your website, and approach web ideas and images as innovatively as you can.

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