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Should You List Pricing on Your Website?

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Olivia Orme
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As a business owner, you might feel a little reluctant to list pricing on your website, and for good reason. There’s plenty of controversy regarding whether or not you should list prices online as a business owner, and the additional risk they impose on your business. 

But, if you think about it, are those concerns always warranted? 

I’m sure you have plenty of worries about posting prices, primarily because you’re not sure how a pricing page could affect your customer base. Hypothetically, a customer could go to your website, see your rates, and go “That’s too expensive! No way am I purchasing their products!” There goes a potential client before you’ve piqued their interest.

In another situation, a client could go to your website and look at your prices, just to see if you offer the lowest rates. In this case, these aren’t the customers that see the value and integrity of a brand. Their purchase decision is based solely on price, and even if your priced product is just a little bit more, they’ll go to a competitor. Not all customers place the same value in products or services compared to an affordable price.

Another reason you might hesitate: what if your competitor reduces their rates? While it’s possible your competitors could take one look at your website, slash their prices, and steal a few potential leads, everyone has similar price information if they’re in a niche market.

If you’re feeling nervous at the thought of any of these scenarios, I don’t blame you, but here’s the thing: there is plenty of risk in every avenue of business. It’s whether or not you are willing to take it. After all, the last thing you want to do is implement strategies that end up hurting your business.

At Nu, we believe it’s up to you to decide what is best for your company, but listing your prices online might be worth your while in the long run. You might think we’re crazy, and that’s perfectly acceptable. But, we have a few compelling points that might change your mind. So, hear us out to see whether or not you should list your prices online.

Adding Pricing Preserves the Honesty of Your Business

At the end of the day, the connection you form with your customers isn’t all about the price tag - it’s about the experience you’re providing, and building trust throughout their buyer’s journey. While the price is a deciding factor for many individuals, in most instances it might not be the ultimate factor if you have a compelling business model and stick by your mission as a business.

Listing your price can actually become a huge asset to your business, because, in most instances, customers are more inclined to trust you when you’re upfront about cost. Putting prices on your site, even if it’s a price range instead of a fixed rate, will offer the reassurance most of your customers are looking for.

The alternative is being distrusted because customers feel like you have something to hide. Sometimes higher prices aren’t the dealbreaker - it’s creating an experience that your customers enjoy, and feel like they are getting the most from their products and services.

Weed Out Bad Leads

We’ve all experienced the customers that check out your website, have a few questions and start corresponding with you via email, and once the pricing is released, they ghost you. It’s not because they weren’t interested in your products; they were just browsing for a cheap price. This is not a reflection of your pricing strategy or services: some people just want a deal. And, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, so it’s not always in a client’s best interest to go for the lowest rates.

However, listing your prices online removes the leads that are just leading you on. They’ll see what they need to know, and if they truly value what you have to offer, they’ll read up on your products, customer reviews, and make a decision based on the quality of your work, not the price tag.

Plus, if you happen to own a small business, it’s important to have customers that care as much as you do, especially if this is going to be a long term partnership. Price shouldn’t be what holds them up from making valuable consecutive decisions.

It Removes Customer Questions

A part of being in business is answering questions, perhaps the same ones over and over again. You’ve likely experienced this a number of times, and many of those questions could be regarding price. Rather than wait, listing your prices online removes those additional customer questions, so now their concerns can be more pinpointed.

If your product or service is on a per-job basis, list that as an option, and provide customers the ability to get a free estimate. The most important part is focusing on resolving those price questions and directing their attention to what matters most, which is your services, rather than sticker shock.

They’re Already Searching - You’re Just Providing An Answer

The majority of consumers want to know how much a product or service will cost them and spend their time searching for a good price option online. By listing your prices on your website, you’re already providing them with the answers they need, and making the effort to understand your audience. Now all you have to do is now give them the proper services and follow up with customer service that engages and delights them.

Use this Opportunity to Gain New Rankings

From a local business standpoint, if your competitors are refusing to list their prices, then your business is sitting in an ideal position. If your potential customers are searching for ‘affordable roofers’ and you have affordable roofing prices listed on your website, you’re going to be able to score better SEO keyword rankings. Focus a few blog posts related to pricing, lists of services, and other budget-related topics. Add the appropriate keywords related to your pricing, and voila, you’ve gained your customers’ (and Google’s) trust!

This is a great marketing strategy that will entice your customers, while still benefiting your business. Plus, you’ll gain new insight towards what services your leads are gravitating towards, and you can realign pricing if needed.

Takeaways of Whether or Not You Should List Prices Online

Ultimately, as a business owner, it’s up to you to decide what is right for your business. But, if you’ve held back because you’re afraid of the competition, and your customers, browsing your website for prices, don’t let that deter you. A price point doesn’t make or break your company: it’s all about providing quality service, building trust, and affirming leads that they’ve made the right choice.

If you need assistance generating leads for your website, and want to know more ways to build trust with newer and potential clients, our marketing strategies might be just what you’re looking for. We love helping our clients, so if you’re ready to work with an inbound marketing company that cares about your success, text us or call us today at 336-842-1022. 


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