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Self Storage SEO: A Comprehensive Guide

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Self storage marketing is an integral part of the self storage industry but can seem daunting. With the right resources and tools, it doesn't have to be. Local SEO can provide many benefits for your business including increasing visibility, brand awareness, broadening your customer base, and much more. 

This guide will cover everything you need to know about Self Storage SEO, from how it works, strategies, and why you should care.

We'll also dive into some tips for getting started with Self Storage SEO in your business today. Digital marketing is essential in today's business climate. If you're not incredibly tech-savvy, no worries! Nu Agency is always ready to help businesses grow.

Let's get started with an overlook of self storage SEO strategies.


Self Storage SEO & Traditional Stores - How It Works

If you were to search Google right now for "self storage near me,” you would find the top self storage options provided by Google. That is an example of self storage SEO (Search Engine Optimization)!

Search engine optimization works simply. When someone visits search engines like Google, a Self Storage SEO Specialist will have already performed some onsite and offsite self storage marketing on your behalf. When a customer searches for a self storage resource, your business will appear as one of the top results. In short, you get found when someone's searching for you!

What does self storage SEO look like? Self storage marketers will typically include carefully researched self storage keywords in your web content. When someone searches Google for one of those keywords, self storage websites will appear. Self storage marketing strategies are focused on creating web pages that rank highly for Google (and other major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc).

Let's look at an example of how self storage SEO works. Let's pretend you're looking for self storage in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. You could do this by typing "self storage Winston-Salem, NC" on Google, but there is another way. You could also type "self storage" into the Google search bar and click on one of the self storage options that appear as a suggestion.

So how does Google know where to rank self storage on their search results page? They have specific SEO ranking factors that specialists use as a marketing strategy.


Why You Should Care About Self Storage SEO

Local SEO is vital for a business. Many businesses succeed and fail based on how well they do with search engines, such as Google. You may have the most excellent self storage facility in the world. Still, if no one can find it online when they search for your type of business, you'll be missing out on a ton of potential customers.

That's why self storage SEO is so crucial for any storage company. A marketing professional can help you get more leads by finding the best ways to rank your website higher than all of your competitors, essentially allowing you to dominate the self storage industry in your area.

Utilizing self storage SEO correctly will gain you the following benefits:

  • SEO leads more customers to your business through organic search.
  • Create a sense of trust with customers by becoming a trusted resource while searching the web. 
  • Improve brand awareness through SEO strategies. 
  • It converts leads into customers - therefore, generating more revenue!
  • SEO creates a personalized user experience. 
  • SEO helps your company stay within your marketing budget. 


Nu Agency ensures that our marketing plans fit with your unique business. Choosing the right local SEO company is very important, as it can make or break your website and cause you to either lose or gain potential customers. At Nu, we consider your success as our success. We help companies grow, expand their reach, and generate more revenue.

Want to read more about the latest marketing trends? Check out our free guide!


7 Self Storage SEO Strategies

There are many marketing strategies to consider when implementing self storage SEO and increasing your online presence. Whether you're optimizing self storage keywords in the content or utilizing social media, all of these tactics will help your self storage facility thrive!

List Your Business and Create Citations

Self Storage SEO begins with marketing plans that list your business on Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing, etc. These listings will often appear in search results when somebody is searching for a self storage facility near them or in their area.

In order to make the most of self storage SEO, you need to take it a step further and create dozens, if not hundreds, of listings on websites that link back to your self storage website. This helps increase SEO rankings in Google, assert your website as an authority, and ensures that customers can easily find you when they're searching for a self storage facility online.

Utilize Google My Business

Local SEO tactics also include utilizing Google My Business. GMB allows you to add additional information about your Self storage facility, such as photos and videos, business description, hours of operation, payment options, etc. This is a great way to encourage online browsing from potential customers!

Search Engine Optimization

Self storage SEO is one of the most important marketing strategies to consider for your business. Local SEO involves tweaking your website to make it more visible in search engines. This means researching relevant self storage keywords with a tool like Google Analytics and sprinkling them throughout your website's content to help online visibility.

Sounds too complicated? Nu's SEO specialists can do the work for you! Not only will they find the best self storage keywords to use, but our content writers will also create the content for you!

Implement Local Digital Advertising

Self storage SEO marketing strategies also include local digital advertising, including Google Ads. Self storage companies that use Google Ads usually see more traffic to their website than those that don't. Creating an ad, choosing keywords, and setting it up is relatively simple.

An expert self storage SEO company can help you begin advertising on Google to get your business in front of customers before they make a purchase! Marketing agencies can even help you decide which ads are the most effective, so you never have to worry about spending too much or wasting money.

SEO marketing strategies also incorporate social media advertisements, including Facebook and Twitter Ads. Self storage facilities that use social media marketing typically see an increase in traffic to their website.

Create a Linked In Company Page and Social Media Platforms

Self storage marketing plans should also include a company page on LinkedIn. This is a great way to expand your reach and interact with customers already browsing LinkedIn! In addition to creating a self storage company page, you should also consider setting up accounts on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

It's an excellent idea to utilize social media platforms to interact with current customers. You want to create an interactive, personal experience with customers—that's how you gain a loyal customer base that will continue to return. Additionally, consider making promotional videos and customer testimonials into social media posts!

Have a Content Strategy

Content strategies are key for successful digital marketing. Self storage facilities should be creating interesting, fresh content on their website and social media accounts. This will help them rank higher in search engines and attract more customers! Marketing plans should include blog posts about self storage facility maintenance, safety practices, storage etiquette, etc.

Build Backlinks

Link building is also critical for successful self storage SEO. This means creating content that has an internal or canonical link to your self storage facility. A marketing agency can help you build backlinks that provide value to customers and pass page rank through efficient linking structures.

What Can a Marketing Agency in Winston-Salem Do for You?

A marketing agency in Winston-Salem and website listing will include everything you need to skyrocket your self storage information online:

  1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization - A self storage marketing program focuses on ranking your self storage location's website on Google's first page. This will include creating and optimizing web pages, blogs, resources, and more.
  2. PPC: Pay-Per-Click Marketing - The lifeblood of the self storage marketing industry. PPC allows you to control where your self storage listings appear online and how much they cost. A good SEO expert will be able to convert website traffic into leads. Nu's SEO experts are always ready to assist customers in creating a fruitful online presence!
  3. Social Media Marketing - A self storage marketing plan will help you connect with your local area. Customers are more likely to choose a self storage business if their friends have shared it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other social media networks.
  4. Web Design - SEO plans and pricing usually include an element of web design. When creating a customer base, it's essential to have a website that runs seamlessly on mobile devices (which is critical!) and desktops to attract the public.


Nu Agency's marketing plans start with building a solid foundation to make self storage SEO more effective. Our company specializes in creating digital strategies that are designed to gain higher rankings on Google for relevant self storage keywords so you get more leads and potential customers.


Are you interested in Nu's SEO plans and pricing for your storage facility? Contact us today for a free review!

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