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How to Remain Proactive and Productive During COVID-19

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Over the last few days, there have been drastic changes occurring in light of the COVD-19 outbreak in the US. Children are home from school, grocery stores are barely stocked, and many retailers are closing their stores for a period of time. 

We’re in a state of uncertainty for the time being, and while many of us feel wary, it’s important to remain proactive, supportive, and responsible during this season of change.

As a business owner, you might be wondering what this means for your company, as many businesses start to change their hours, or experience slower work weeks. If you’re worried about what this stretch of time looks like, focus on what you can control, rather than what you can’t. Take advantage of the break, and think about what you can do to improve your business, or educate yourself about a new topic over the next few weeks.

The glass might seem half empty right now, but during times of uncertainty, think about it as half full. While there might be certain things outside of our control, there are other ways to utilize your time during this unknown period. As always, we’re here to help in any way we can.

Expand your Relationship with Social Media

If you’re normally out of the office and on a job site, you might not be thinking about your relationship with social media. Posting weekly updates on Facebook and Instagram might have done the trick, but since so many people are turning to these platforms while spending time at home, it might be a wise idea to learn more about them and increase your activity.

Explore the benefits of Instagram or Facebook live. Make a short video about how your company is addressing the ongoing issue, and use these platforms to engage and communicate with your audience. It’s a great way to stay virtually connected to your customers, and learn a thing or two, while COVID-19 runs its course.

Start Conversations Using Resources

If you are a home service provider, but might not be able to enter the home as frequently as you’d like in the weeks ahead, that doesn’t mean your clients won’t need help. What happens if the HVAC stops working, or the kitchen sink has a leak? You might not be able to be there, but you can still help.

Revisit old resources such as blogs or eBooks, and share them with your followers. Draft an email, and send them the ten most helpful blog posts you have. Emergency repair quick fixes, simple service solutions, tips to keep things affordable in the times to come - you name it, it’s worth sharing. Don’t have a blog? There is no better time to start! Not only does it help keep your customers informed - it can help your web rankings in the long run as well.

Content is the number one way to increase web traffic and SEO ratings, so if you take the time to research and contribute helpful tips for your customers, it will come back and reward you.

Think About Your Website and SEO

With so many people staying at home, web traffic is going to fluctuate. That doesn’t mean everyone is going to be searching for new services or products at this time, but they are going to be poking around Google to keep themselves busy.

People seek inspiration in time’s like these, so take the extra hours to improve your website where you can. Update your gallery, research keywords and update SEO throughout your site. It’s important to do annual web housekeeping - now you’ll actually have the time for it. If you notice products and services that need updating or modification, knock those tasks out now. You’re preparing for the future, by handling it now.

Use this time to your advantage, and learn about how you can improve your website, so in the months to come, you’ll be able to service your customers better than you were before.

Be Proactive, Not Panicked

With so many people set to work from home, it’s important to stay proactive within your company. Use this time to reflect, think, and talk about how you will move forward during this stressful time.

Communicate with your team about preventative measures and policies that need to be implemented. This isn’t just for the safety of your customers - it’s for their own benefit as well. Everyone needs to be on the same page, and remain informed about what’s going on with COVID-19.

If things have slowed down, or your staff goes virtual, use this time to explore different trainings or ideas you can implement as a team. How can you use this time to showcase the best customer service practices, and remain supportive?

Discuss goals you’d like to reach with your team, and talk about initiatives that can be completed together during these uncertain times.

These are uncertain times, but everyone be sure to do what you can to stay safe. Please let us know how we can better assist you during these times.

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