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Should You Provide a Company Issued Cell Phone to Employees?

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In the home service industry, it’s important to be responsive, quick, and focused on the job, and that starts with open communication. As a business owner, getting in touch with your employees is essential. 

Plus, for your customers, the ability to access your staff through phone calls, emails, and other updates at all times is critical - and guarantees your company is following the best customer service practices. So, if you’re looking for something that can open those lines of communication, there is a solution many business owners turn to: company-issued cell phones.

However, there is a lot to consider when it comes to issuing a company cell phone. For instance, you might be unsure if your employees have to keep their personal cell phone? Or, can this phone only be used for business purposes? Should you use monitoring software to regulate what’s going on?

Because there are so many unknowns to consider, we’re going to dive in deeper, and explore the benefits of company cell phones, and possible downsides they could can have.

Decide if Employees Keep Their Personal Phone

If you decide to purchase company cell phones for your employees, you will be able to choose the software for the entire company, eliminating the friction that can arise from iPhone verse Android software. You’ll also be able to communicate seamlessly, and integrate other technology portals like iPads and Macs if you choose - a cell phone is just the beginning.

However, you have to decide if your employees still have to carry their personal phone. Naturally, if you don’t want employees to take personal calls or receive text messages on this device, you can make it a company policy that they have to carry two phones. But many employees don’t love the idea of carrying two cell phones around, and keeping a personal cell phone feels like an additional expense they could avoid.

Ultimately, it’s good to consider the benefits of having your employees use a separate cell phone at work, so you don’t have to worry about technology friction when communicating with customers. However, your employees might not love carrying multiple mobile devices, so it’s good to weigh the options and see what is best for your company, and your staff.

Keep things on Track with Monitoring Software

Cell phone monitoring is another feature that can be added to company-wide cell phones - you can monitor employees communications via call and text, and see how customers are responding to them. This also eliminates the worry that employees will be distracted on their phones all day, because you’ll know how they’ve been conducting themselves.

However, cell phone monitoring can be worrisome. Your employees might not appreciate the idea that they’re being monitored, and it could create friction. Privacy and trust is a big concern among many individuals, so plan your strategy accordingly when it comes to monitoring software.

In order to regulate what’s going on throughout the day, monitoring is the best solution, but perhaps limit it to just phone calls. Providing company cell phones is a great way to keep tabs on your employees success, while insuring they’re complying with company policies.

Open Communication and Accessibility

Employee cell phones guarantee high response times during work hours, because they will be able to communicate with their coworkers, managers, and superiors quickly - and on the same service provider. If you happen to be in a field that requires lots of attention on a job site, company-wide cell phones means you can pick a service provider that has reliable coverage, and won’t have to worry about inconsistent service. This is bound to help with overall customer satisfaction rates.

The Bottom Line?

As a business owner, it’s your decision about whether or not you’d like to provide company-issued cell phones. While they guarantee uniformity in your service and communication, it’s equally important to consider how you can effectively implement company-wide policies about cell phone etiquette, and conduct at work. Every company is different - it just depends on what you need from your employees, and how you’d like to grow your business.

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