If you already have some projects lined up in the new year, and are hearing great feedback from previous clients, your business is already being set up for success. But, if you want to grow your company and secure new leads, beyond word of mouth, it’s going to take a digital marketing campaign that will take you to the next level. At Nu, we love diving deeper into the home service industry, so take a look at our favorite marketing tips for roofers, so you can start getting fresh ideas for your campaign.

Take Your Roofing Website to the Next Level


Most business owners used to skate by with ads in the yellow pages, or getting referrals from previous clients. In today’s age of digital marketing, content is king, which means being able to supply your customers with accurate information.


The best place to do that is on your roofing website. Now, it might seem simple enough to just design a website, add a few photos, and call it a day. But the real key with your website is by making it both appealing, and informative, so you can get more qualified leads. Balance out amazing photos with relevant content. Adding important service and pricing information about your company is going to help secure your audience and build their trust in your company. Another great idea? Add relevant testimonials from previous clients, to continue that positive relationship.


An easy marketing strategy for your website, that will also increase lead generation, is creating free estimates or roofing calculators. If they need assistance with their pricing information, that is where they can turn to you.

Get Found in the Local Business Listings


With a great website, you are setting your company up for success, but it’s all about the follow up that secures those new roofing jobs and customers. It’s important to optimize your website with the right SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, so you’ll be found with ease. SEO is all about using relevant words that match your business, and helps you get found on Google when potential clients go to search ‘roofers near me.’


If you happen to be a local business, use the appropriate SEO techniques that corresponds with your location. People who search for ‘local roofers’ want to be able to find you quickly, so by using content and language that matches these local listings, you’ll be found in no time.


Another way to be found locally? Using a Google My Business account, which is a pretty big topic to tackle. Luckily, we can tell you why It's Time to Get Serious About Optimizing Google My Business Pages.

List A Variety of Roofing Services


In order to optimize your website, it’s important to list all of your roofing services. Providing a closer look at what those services entail will also strengthen your SEO, and helps keeps things transparent for your customers. 


With every service listed, it’s a good idea to keep the photos fresh and have them match your content. You can even create a gallery page with updates projects and link back to the relevant service you provided. Depending on the season, you can also update those services with things such as ice dam assistance, or summer ventilation inspection, so you can remind your customers of their service needs year-round.


If you want to dive a little deeper into the world of SEO, check out our post 5 SEO basics for everyone (not just experts!).

Appeal to the Potential Customer


One of the selling points to a customer is the integrity of a business, which revolves around how you brand your company. As a roofing contractor, you might wonder what that means? Well, it’s all about marketing your roofing company to portray a message that makes you stand out to your customers and keep them coming back for future service.


Building an honest reputation, and making your business stand because you offer service at reasonable prices, could be one aspect of branding your business. Or, if you offer on-site inspections within 24 hours of their call, use that as one of your marketing techniques. The point is, you have to use a strategy that appeals to your customers, and works within your business. If there is one point of service you value above all others, use it. Make it the niche in your business. You’ll be thankful in the long run.

Use Resources to Keep Customers Informed


In the home service industry, roofing is a very specific market. So, use that to your advantage, by creating informative resources. “How to know when your roof is leaking” could be a great blog post that scores additional rankings and informs your audience when they’ll need service. Above all, it’s important to make sure your content is engaging for your audience, so they’ll feel compelled to learn more. It’s a good idea to keep your contact information linked to these resources, so your customers can see what the next steps are. Once they’ve read the blog, you’ll be able to gain their trust and secure a new lead or returning customer.

It’s hard to come up with marketing ideas on your own, especially when it comes to roof marketing and home service businesses. If you’d rather focus on getting the work done, leave the marketing to us. Nu Agency focuses on creating digital marketing campaigns that will help your business thrive all year long. Ready to get started? Call us at 336-842-1022.






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