Getting your business ready to thrive during the holiday season is no small feat, but with proper planning, smart scheduling, and plenty of coffee, your holiday season can help your business ring in the new year with happy customers and employees, promising momentum heading into Q1, and money in the bank. When looking forward to the holiday rush, make sure you consider these five pointers:

  • Check your website
  • Make & share a holiday schedule
  • Stock up on your inventory early
  • Communicate with your team
  • Plan your seasonal campaign

Check your website.

You should be double checking your website’s performance regularly, but it could be particularly harmful for your site to be subpar during the holiday season. From users looking for your contact information to savvy online shoppers looking for holiday sales and free shipping opportunities, your site is bound to see an influx of visitors as the holidays approach. Are you ready for it? Spend some time doing website maintenance to ensure your website has:


  • Fast load times

  • Clear, accurate, and up-to-date content

  • Updated holiday schedules, sales, and policies


Make & share a holiday schedule.

Are you extending your hours or cutting business hours to give employees more time off during the holidays? Some combination of both?


Depending on your unique business, special holiday hours might be necessary, but you must make sure that information is communicated clearly to your potential customers or clients and easily accessible via your website and sources like Yelp and Google My Business. If fitting, you can even have a physical copy of your new schedule printed for your storefront.


If your business strictly relies on e-commerce, send out an email with your updated holiday customer service hours, any changes to shipping policies, and tips for successful holiday shopping once you’ve polished up your website.


Plan your content accordingly.

Whether you craft your own products, run a retail store, or your business offers certain services that are more in demand around the holiday season, make sure you’re ahead of the game by stocking up on backup inventory, seasonal products, and prepare for the holiday season with plenty of gift cards or holiday incentives like discounts or matching contributions to local organizations.


Communicate with your team.

The holidays are a busy season for businesses, but they’re also full of road trips, canceled flights, and often taxing visits from in-laws, making it a hectic time of year for your employees. As a business owner, it’s vital that you communicate the following well ahead of time:


  • PTO policies for requests around the holidays

  • Whether or not you can close up shop and give everyone some time off towards the end of the year

  • Plans for handling the holiday rush, whether that’s hiring extra help or strategically scheduling your current team.


Plan seasonal campaigns.

Planning a short-term marketing campaign around a particular holiday or seasonal theme is a fun, creative way to increase revenue, experiment with fresh content, and encourage people to splurge a little on your products or services, particularly around gift-giving holidays. For more on how to plan and implement a seasonal marketing campaign that fits your business, see: How to Plan a Successful Seasonal Marketing Campaign. 

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