As a marketing firm, one of the best things about planning for Q4 is seizing the opportunity to do something special for the fall season. With the holidays on the horizon, the weather getting cooler, and the local landscape bursting with warm red, orange, and yellow hues, it’s an inspiring time to flex our creative muscles and plan unique marketing campaigns for our clients.

Coming up with fresh seasonal marketing ideas that stand out during the fall and holiday season can be challenging, but with focused marketing planning and a smart content marketing strategy, a well-done seasonal campaign can become one of your most rewarding marketing endeavors. Here are a few tips to help you get inspired to plan your own successful seasonal campaign.

Choose a specific holiday, event, or theme.

The first step to planning a seasonal campaign is choosing a focus and an end goal. Seasonal events like holidays, special promotions based on a specific holiday, or simply fall or winter themed campaigns are a great starting point for planning your campaign step-by-step to reach your end goal.


For example:


  • A Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale

  • A “Winter Wonderland” decorating contest on your social media channels

  • A holiday-themed fundraising campaign for a local charity


Pro-tip: Look at the performance of past campaigns when determining how to move forward. Look for areas of improvement to apply this year. If this is your first time planning a seasonal marketing strategy, you can gather ideas from friends, fellow businesses, and online resources for inspiration. One of your most valuable sources of information is your target audience. Use your social channels to find out what your followers and customers are interested in.


Create an incentive.

Why should people pay attention to your seasonal content? You have to make it worth their time and effort. Whether you’re running a social media contest, asking people to submit donations, or simply trying to get more people into your retail or business space, you have to offer them some incentives.


For example:


  • Admission to an exclusive holiday party

  • An additional percentage off of holiday purchases.

  • A giveaway of one of your most popular products or services


Plan your content accordingly.

Keep your end goals and incentives in mind when planning your seasonal content. Avoid annoying your audience with boring content, and ask yourself the following questions to craft a content strategy that will best serve your seasonal campaign:


What type of content will you use?

Blog posts?


Email blasts?

Social media?


All of the above?


How will each of your platforms work together to advertise your campaign and encourage audience engagement? Plan social media posts, blog posts, and emails accordingly to keep your audience interested in fresh media. Don’t recycle the same content across all of your publication platforms. Get creative and think of new ways to share content. What will be most successful among your audience?


For more on how to use your mediums more effectively, see: It’s Time to Rethink Traditional Marketing Methods

When will you publish and share your content?

Just like any other content marketing campaign, your content needs to be written, edited, and scheduled to post ahead of time. This affords you time to thoughtfully prepare content and more readily handle any hiccups that may come up.

Choose your calls-to-action wisely.

What do you want people to do after engaging with your content? Submit their information for the chance to win a prize? Tag friends and share your content on Instagram? Visit your website to shop for special deals? Make sure your content includes a specific, intriguing CTA focused on your campaign.


Pay attention to your results.

Seasonal campaigns can be a lot of fun, but you need to take the data seriously. By tracking your follower engagement on social media, the campaign’s ROI, and other KPIs, you can find areas for improvement to keep in mind for your next seasonal campaign.


Need some inspiration or a helping hand? Consider partnering with a local marketing agency who will take the time to get to know you, understand your business, and make your goals their goals. A Nu, your success is our success, and we’d love to celebrate a big win with you.


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