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Marketing to Homeowners: 3 Ways to Build Trust Before You Knock on Their Doors

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Abigail Gleason

It’s pretty easy to understand why some homeowners feel wary about service people entering their homes. Sure, you know you and your team are just there to help, but you’re essentially strangers to your customers until you show up on their front stoop. 

To improve your customer service, gain credibility, and grow your business, you’ve got to build trust with your customers before it’s time to enter their homes. 

Here are three tips to help you develop trust with homeowners ahead of time.

A stellar “about” page.

Sure, every business’ about page is important. It tells folks your story, gives you a space to clarify and solidify your brand, and sets you apart from your competitors. That said, your about page is even more vital to the success of your business if you work in an industry where you and/or your team need access to your customers’ homes in order to do your job. 

So, what makes a good about page in the home services industries?  

  • An “about our team” section with a short bio and a photo of each of your team members
  • An “about us” story that makes your business feel more human 
  • Branding that sets you apart and flaunts your values, origin, and credibility

A thoughtful follow-up process.

If your customer doesn’t hear from your business from the moment they make an appointment to a technician knocking on their door, to be frank, that’s just poor customer service. 

Be sure to send a follow-up email once a customer makes an appointment so you can tell them what to expect out of their in-home service. Take a step further with customized emails that tell them who to expect and when to expect their arrival.

Meaningful connections.

Before you can effectively communicate with your audience, you have to connect with them by understanding your audience’s unique experiences, concerns, and cultures. 

To make more meaningful connections with your target audience, start by answering the following:

  • Who are your ideal customers and thus, your target audience?
  • How can you better understand this audience?
  • How can you connect with this particular audience more effectively?

For more on developing stronger relationships with homeowners to grow your business, check out our whitepaper: 

How to Connect with Homeowners to Grow Your Business.

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