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Making The Most Out of Digital Marketing as a Home Service Provider

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Brian Leimone

Did you know that the home service industry is valued at $281.65 billion? Believe it! According to Verified Market Research, the international home service industry is set to accrue a worth of 1.133 trillion dollars in the next two decades. 

The home service industry is made up of businesses whose primary source of revenue is from providing residential services. Such services include flooring, roofing, HVAC, and plumbing services, among others. While this is a very marketable industry, it is also very competitive.

What is Digital Marketing 

Like any other industry, businesses in the home service industry benefit greatly from marketing. One of the most prominent areas of marketing is digital marketing. In simple terms, digital marketing is the marketing of both tangible and intangible products using digital technologies. You may want to refer to it as online marketing, as it is done on the internet. Most people use digital marketing techniques to get their businesses discovered and to attract the right customers as well.

Digital marketing tips

For the home service industry, the following tips would help to get the most out of digital marketing;


You may have noticed when you use the search feature on Google, there are some posts, businesses, or websites that come to the top of the list. Several elements contribute to the placement. However, there are ways that you can ensure your business comes to the top of the search list. The names that come to the top of the list are usually the ones with a five-star rating. You can take advantage of the tools offered by Google to make sure you are at the top.

The aim is to make sure that you are among the first options that clients get to see when they are in urgent need of home service or when they are too lazy to search through the pile. You may also want to use localized SEO so that you can get clients that are near you.

Social Platforms

It is no secret that a majority of our society is hooked to social media. It may, therefore, be a wise idea to use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes to get your business known. Having an active social media presence and interacting with clients may be an excellent way to get your business out there. By interacting, you can respond to feedback about the services, make follow-ups, and generally be part of the social conversation like talking about trending topics. Make sure to take advantage of social networks to promote your business through videos and such techniques. For this, you may need a qualified team.

Beware of seasonal highs and lows

Most home service businesses go through seasons of high and low sales. For instance, HCAV service providers get more clients during certain climatic seasons. The trick is to amp up your marketing just when the season is around the corner. You can do this by sending emails to potential clients just before the cold or the hot season kicks in. The same may apply to other service providers like landscaping service provides. The trick is to pay attention to the time when the clients have to decide on getting the service.

Follow-Up and make an analysis

Most businesses fall victim to spending a lot of money on marketing techniques that are ill-effective. You need to keep track of how your marketing is performing. Carry out surveys from clients to find out the most effective method and what needs to improve for future benefits. Keep analyzing your progress with regard to marketing so that you can be sure you are not wasting money.

Make sure you stand out

So many businesses have taken to digital marketing. To stand out from the crowd, make sure you do your research and find out what your competitors are doing. With that knowledge, come up with a strategy to do something unique that will set you aside. You can even use the benefits that they are advertising and make you more attractive.

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