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How to Make Sure Employees Are Being Detail-Oriented

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Employees might have one job title, but that job includes plenty of additional roles. If your employees aren't detail-oriented, their proficiency in other areas ultimately won't matter all that much. This is how to make sure your employees are focusing on the small details as well as the bigger picture.

Job Shadowing

Your employees might affirm that they're being detail-oriented, but they might just be doing that to save face. Job shadowing lets you see how your employees are performing and whether they're actually doing what they're supposed to. You can do this in various ways, such as keeping recordings of phone conversations and sitting in on them when they perform other tasks.

Purposeful Mistakes

Find some innocuous ways to make purposeful mistakes that are designed for your employees to catch. For instance, send them an email reminder about an upcoming deadline that includes the wrong date in the subject line. If your employee is truly detail-oriented, they should be able to catch this issue and respond appropriately. Should they catch it, compliment them on their keen eye. If not, offer a correction and put your hope towards them catching the next error.

Skill Testing

Experts suggest using assessments designed to test attention to detail. These can help lay out exactly what your employees' strengths and weaknesses when it comes to noticing details. You could find premade assessments or design ones of your own that focuses on what you find to be most important. Keep it as objective as possible so that there are clear responses to each question. You can better understand how your employees think by asking them to explain each of their responses. If they can't find a good way to justify a response, they might need to refocus their attention to detail.

Review Emails

Emailing makes professional communication far easier than the days of being tied up on the phone, but the importance of details shouldn't be overlooked. Take a look at an employee's sent folder and see how well they're representing the company. Are they responding to questions posed by other employees and clients? Consistency in courtesy can mean your employees and your company end up looking a lot better than your competition.

Asking someone to be detail-oriented doesn't mean they'll accomplish it. You need to assess your employees' individual levels of noticing details and intervene where you see fit. Being detail-oriented means catching issues before they can turn into irrevocable mistakes. It can also lead to much better communication between you and your employees.

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