As the cliché goes, good people are hard to find. The reality is that the difficulty is often self-imposed. Many business leaders constantly ask themselves why the right candidates aren't showing up at their doorstep. Your business benefits, company culture, and opportunities are great, so what is the problem? Often the problem lies in the hiring process itself. Here are a few ways to get a better idea of a potential employee before you hire them.

Evaluate Their Skills

Some candidates are experts at putting in the charm during their interviews. This leads to the most likable people being hired instead of those who are actually qualified to do the job. This is why it is important to not only hire on personality but also on their skill level. You can measure different abilities through employment assessments to help you make more effective decisions during the hiring process. These may involve hands-on assessments, such as assigning them a quick project. Another route to take can include scenario assessments where they write down what they would do in certain situations. These methods of evaluation will quickly help you weed out those who can simply talk and those who can actually get the work done.

Prescreening Interviews

One of the most challenging things about the hiring process is choosing who gets to be interviewed. You may have a variety of potential candidates, however, interviewing each and every one of them may not be feasible due to time constraints. Therefore, it is highly recommended to conduct pre screening interviews. These can involve your supervisors making a number of on the phone interviews to collect the basics such as past work experience and a general feel of the person. They will then determine who can then move up to a second interview with yourself.

Company Culture Introduction

A company that works and communicates effectively is one that can truly go the distance. The right candidate for your company should be able to get along with your team. An interview doesn't only have to take place within your office. Walk around with your candidate, introduce them to your team, and observe how they interact with them. How people interact can tell you a lot about their work habits and how they will fit into your company culture.

When going through your hiring process, it is very important to look beyond the resume. You want to hire people that are going mesh well with the company culture you’ve worked hard to create. Take a few of the tips listed above to begin crafting a better hiring process that will allow you to bring on the best people for your company.

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