For many homeowners, buying a home is a time full of excitement, emotions, and most of all, fear. Yes, fear can be one of the driving emotions for countless homeowners. Perhaps that isn’t the case for all homeowners, but for many, they feel concerned about a lot of financial burdens and potential problems that could put their investment at risk.


So, as someone in the home service industry, this might be one of the challenges you experience selling to homeowners. Well, lucky for you, we have a couple of suggestions that will help soothe their fears, and keep them invested in your business.

Calm their Fears Through Honesty


The biggest thing that will reassure homeowners is honesty. While this might seem fairly self-explanatory, it’s not always the case in the home service industry. Many companies might list out their services, but overlook important pricing or installation steps that make a large difference in the emotions of your homeowners.


Take the time to outline step by step instructions for what homeowners can expect if they hire your company. Highlight the most important parts of service and any key features that make you stand out against your competitors. It’s important to be honest, in order to connect with homeowners and grow your business for long term success.

Have a Frequently Asked Questions Page


Depending on your industry, you probably experience a lot of similar questions from new clients. To give your leads a better idea of your company, it’s a good idea to have a frequently asked questions page somewhere on your website. Use this page to outline pricing costs or guidelines, how long installation and service can take, materials and design guidelines, and whatever else is relevant to your company.


For a family who is buying a house for the first time, their homeowner fears are probably focused on things to expect in the first year of owning their home. If you happen to be a realtor or a builder, use that fear to address important things they can keep an eye out for as they settle into their home on your FAQ page.

Talk About the Finances


Let’s be honest - a huge concern for homeowners is a financial commitment. Many fear not being able to afford huge expenses, whether that is a house downpayment, roof replacement, kitchen renovation, or installing a brand new pool. They want to be able to fix the essentials or splurge on fun investments that make their home more appealing, but that’s very intimidating for some.


It’s in your best interest to get serious about finances and provide options for your customers. That doesn’t mean you have to put your prices online - it means giving them an idea of what to expect. A free quote, or estimate calculator, is a great way to get more qualified leads from your website, while letting your customers learn more about your product and it’s cost. If you provide enough cost options, it will help make their investment seem worthwhile.

Make Maintenance Manageable


Many homeowners, once they invest in their desired service, need guidance on how to maintain it. For example, if they recently renovated a bathroom, they might have concerns about caring for their shower from a design and plumbing standpoint. This is where a blog comes in handy. Use your blog as a platform to address more in-depth questions customers ask you, such as various maintenance concerns and home improvement projects that can help them in the long term.


Keeping things focused on helping customers, and alleviating those fears, will help your business in the long run. After all, it’s all about building a great reputation with homeowners.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to alleviate homeowner fears, but together we can reassure them in their decisions. If you’re looking for a digital marketing campaign that will help establish trust with homeowners, and secure new leads for your business, contact us at 336-842-1022 or email




Happy customers means happy referrals, which leads to more happy customers, which leads to the business growth you have been working for! Read below for even more ways to make sure your customers have a positive experience they can rave about!New call-to-action

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