The growth of your company depends on a steady flow of qualified leads. Inbound marketing can help you get more qualified leads over traditional methods in just 4 easy steps. Keep reading to learn how to determine the value of a lead and then how you can  attract and nurture new leads for your business.

What counts as a qualified lead?

That depends. Every company will have its own defining terms for a qualified lead, such as a specific budget. In general, qualified leads will have these in common:


  • They’ve taken the time to educate themselves on your product or service.

  • They’ve interacted with your business online by browsing your website, visiting social media pages, and filling out forms.

  • They know what they need and are ready to find solutions. 

Inbound marketing takes a different approach toward getting leads.

With traditional outbound marketing methods, qualifying a lead takes a lot of extra work. First, you have to weed out the people who aren’t remotely interested in what your business has to offer, then you have to convince those who are left that your company is worth their time, money, and consideration. Outbound marketing methods such as paid email lists, TV ads, and billboards all have a very low conversion rate.

Inbound marketing focuses on education rather than interruptions through the creation and distribution of engaging, relevant content that will help people inform themselves on topics surrounding your business.

People who need your product or service are already looking for you online, so why not make it easy for them to find you?

How do you get qualified leads?

  1. Understand your audience.Develop buyer personas that reflect your most common or ideal customers. Include information that’s relevant, such as age group, income level, interests, and their wants and needs. This will help you develop valuable and engaging content to establish your company as an industry expert and educate your audience so they can make better, more confident purchasing decisions.

  2. Capture leads.Landing pages, forms, calls to action (CTAs), and even chatbots are all great ways to turn site visitors into qualified leads. Make use of gated content in the form of ebooks, white papers, and other downloads, and keep track of how a visitor interacts with your content. Someone who downloads three ebooks and reads your website’s blog is probably more qualified than someone who only downloads one ebook over the same time period.

  3. Make use of a CRM tool. CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management,” and it’s a powerful tool. Having a record of the way someone interacts with your business online will help your sales team determine the qualification of a lead.

  4. Nurture your leads to make them even more qualified. Using your buyer personas and the information you’ve gathered about a lead using your CRM software, your team will be able to determine the best way to continue to guide a lead through the buyer’s journey using engaging and relevant content. Timely emails and retargeting ads can help keep your company fresh in a person’s mind.

Understanding your audience is the first step toward getting more qualified leads for your business. Click here to learn how the creation of buyer personas can help.

If you’re ready to grow your business with inbound marketing, give Nu expression a call at (336) 765-5505 today.

Mary Fonvielle
About Mary Fonvielle

Mary is the Content & Marketing Specialist at Nu. Her work at Nu includes a combination of content strategy, SEO, and data analytics. Mary's passions include storytelling, mixing data with creativity, and good syntax.

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