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How Do Google Local Service Ads Benefit Your Business?

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Mikaela Martin
Computer Screen Viewing Google Local Service Ads

Are you looking for a way to improve your digital marketing campaign? As a local business owner, you’re constantly searching for new ways to promote your company and ensure it’s not lost in the expansive options available online.

Thanks to Google's innovative feature, local businesses can enjoy more exposure and direct contact with leads. Google Local Service Ads are a perfect way to legitimize your business to potential customers and advertise your services in the coveted first page Google slot. 

Local Service Ads were created for home service providers, which was a great success in its incubation. Now, they continue to be excellent options for anyone involved in construction, plumbing, HVAC installation, electricity, or other home services.

When you’re elbows deep in a plumbing or house issue, you want to find a local business quickly that you can trust. With Google Local Service Ads, customers can easily view your business at the top of the page after their inquiry and instantly call or message you— a perfect option for people who are in desperate need of an expert!

And presto! Your business swoops in for the rescue. 

Let’s explore all of the benefits Local Service Ads have to offer!


What do Local Service Ads Look Like?

Google Local Service Ads appear in boxes on the top of a search page. In these boxes, the ads display the following: 

  • Links to Google Reviews (including your star rating)
  • Service areas
  • Phone numbers
  • Business hours
  • A headshot (adding a human element to your ad)

As an additional feature, Google will stamp your ad with a professional “Google Guarantee” green checkmark to help facilitate trust in leads. By clicking on your service box, leads can instantly contact advertisers via calls, messages, and direct bookings through the ad.


Local Service Ads Help Local Businesses Overtake the Competition

You’ll Stand Out From the Crowd

The top of the search engine results page will now feature Google Local Service Ads in place of pay-per-click ads. This means that other sites that are highly ranked based on organic traffic will be found further down the page, leaving your information easily accessible by those searching for an answer. Additionally, your information can be found through voice searches, making your business more accessible. Considering that 40% of all US internet users utilize voice search, this is an essential feature for product exposure. 

As a marketing agency near Greensboro, we can help your business shine on the first page through many SEO strategies. Contact us for our SEO package options that will help grow your revenue.

Your Membership is Exclusive

Local Service Ads aren’t guaranteed to everyone; professionals can only apply and be approved for this service if their company has a score of 3 stars or higher on Google. To be “Google Guaranteed,” you also need to pass background, license, and insurance checks. These additional steps ensure that only the best are highlighted through these ads, therefore signaling that you are a quality investment to leads. 

No More Keyword Headaches

Local Service Ads automatically display when customers search for thousands of related terms. You can rest assured that relevant leads will see your ad without constantly conducting keyword research. However, if you require additional SEO services, Nu can help alleviate that burden! As locals to Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and the surrounding Piedmont Triad, we can help you rank for local SEO keywords in no time.

Customers Choose You

With these Local Google Ads, you no longer have to hunt for customers. Leads find you at the moment that they need service. This also gives you a better chance at turning leads into satisfied customers! For further information on how to acquire leads, check out our free resource

Why You Should Choose Google Local Service Ads Instead of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

There are a plethora of benefits you can obtain by choosing Google Local Service Ads. Not only are they convenient, but they might also save you money and grow your business. You will benefit from Local Service Ads in the following ways: 

  • This Google option comes with a Local Services app that communicates with customers, tracking bookings, and managing leads quickly.
  • Only customers who are verified service users are allowed to leave reviews of your company. This unique feature deters spam reviews and gives leads a clear picture of your professionalism.
  • Customers can directly message, call, or book a service through the local service ad. You will receive email notifications from the app when a customer tries to contact you. 
  • As a professional, you will only be charged for calls and bookings with a flat cost-per-call rate, opposed to being billed per click. 
  • Google guarantees your business if you’re part of the Local Service Ads program, meaning that they cover up to $2,000 if something were to go wrong with a service. This will make your business low-risk to customers and help them feel comfortable and financially protected when they choose you.

Getting Started

After your eligibility is confirmed, you can edit your profile, determining the jobs you're matched for. Since you pay for the leads you’re matched with, be honest about the services you can perform and the areas you hope to reach leads in. 

Furthermore, Google Recommends adding 2-5 highlights on your profile. For example, you could display “Locally Owned and Operated” to set yourself apart from the competition. 

You can edit elements of your profile such as: 

  • Weekly budgets
  • Business hours
  • Job Types
  • Service areas

Managing Leads

From your leads inbox, you can follow up with your inbound leads. By selecting a lead, you can view details like the job type, location, or listen to a voicemail.  

After reviewing your lead options, you can follow up in three different ways: 

  1. Reply by sending a message, email, or text message
  2. Call the customer’s listed phone number
  3. Decline the job

 If you decline the job, the customer will be notified, and the request will be removed. Requests can still be recovered if something changes. To keep track of  your upcoming jobs, you can mark your lead as “booked.” 

 Additionally, you can send confirmation emails and request customer reviews. Asking for customer reviews will be pivotal to your ranking and nurture your company’s success.

Setting A Budget

You can set your budget from your business profile to ensure you don’t spend more than your monthly budget. Google may fluctuate your budget week by week, but it will never exceed your maximum monthly budget. In order to get the most out of your local business ad, it’s recommended to budget for 20 leads per week since your budget will affect your lead generation. 

Best Practices for Google Local Service Benefits

To optimize the benefits of local business ads, you want to make sure that you maintain a consistent online presence. Make sure that you’re mindful of the following:

If you are in the home services industry, Google Local Service Ads are a perfect way to increase your online exposure and gain leads. Google will advertise your company as a business with integrity and experience. Plus, it’ll reassure clients with the Google Guarantee.

As a result, customers will find your services through relevant searches and benefit from your expertise. Local Service Ads are one more element you can add to your marketing repertoire to strengthen your campaign and generate sales.

Nu’s dedicated team is always ready to offer SEO packages to bring your marketing strategy to life. Your success is our success! If you’re looking to expand your company’s digital marketing efforts in the Greensboro or Winston-Salem area, Nu is the solution for you!

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