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The Top Five Home Service Marketing Tools

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Olivia Orme
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If you’re in the home service industry, chances are you’re pretty passionate about helping homeowners. Guess what - so are we!

When it comes to your business, you probably know everything there is to know about the industry and are focused on getting the job done right. But, as industry experts, you might not have enough time to focus on your home service marketing efforts. We don’t know much about how to fix a leaky roof or pipe, but we can totally fill in the gaps when it comes to your marketing industry knowledge. Just don’t expect us to be much help on the job. We’re total behind the scenes guys and gals when it comes to home services.

Approaching home service marketing might seem overwhelming, but the good news is that it’s really not too complex. It’s mostly just applying the right tools and strategies to your business. As the expert in your industry, we know you’re pretty savvy with just about everything else. Why not marketing too? In the end, sharing our home service marketing tips is just going to make you a better business owner in the long run. And, we love nothing more than seeing your business be successful.

Now sit back, take a break, and let us show you our marketing toolkit and tell you all the best-kept home service marketing tools.

How can home service marketing benefit your business?

First off, ask yourself this simple question. Does marketing for home services benefit businesses? The short answer is, absolutely! Today’s marketing isn’t just making flyers or old-school web designs. It’s email marketing, monthly promos, and other incentives that keep things interesting for customers. The goal of all home service marketing agencies is to engage, interest, and convert a business’s potential lead into a customer. With home service marketing, all we’re doing is spinning those marketing approaches into a specific niche.

Home service marketing is designed to promote products and services while increasing online visibility. Basically, it’s designed to keep your business on everyone’s radar.

So, now the question is how do small businesses in the home service industry approach home service marketing? Well, it just so happens we have the best tool that can help you learn about home service marketing, and what marketing strategies are the most valuable for your business.

Our Top Home Service Marketing Secrets

Well, we’ve kept you waiting long enough. Let’s dive right into our favorite digital marketing strategies for the home service industry.

Go Big On Google

One of the best-kept secrets, that’s quickly become popular among small businesses, is how much Google can benefit home service providers. Google’s features are designed to optimize your business and online presence, so you’ll have increased search exposure on local search engines.

Two of the best features on Google, particularly for marketing home services, are Google My Business and Google Ads. While these might seem like pretty straightforward services, navigating these can be a little overwhelming at first. Don’t worry though, we’re going to explain the inner workings of all things Google, so you can master home service marketing.

Google My Business

This is arguably the most important profile home service providers will ever make. Think of it as a dating profile - only it’s designed specifically for your business.

Google My Business is designed to engage and inform customers, by providing important information about your business. The further customers look into your profile, the more information they’re going to discover. Plus, the more information you provide means you’ll be rewarded accordingly by Google.

The biggest home service marketing tip we have for Google My Business? Verify your account and begin with the basics. Without all your vital business information, Google is going to penalize you in their search results, and customers aren’t going to have you at the top of their radar. Start off with basic information like your business hours, location, and contact information. Once you have this part completed, you can begin enhancing your profile.

There’s plenty to unpack when it comes to Google My Business, but the best place to begin is by optimizing your Google My Business profile, and by securing your business’s Google Guarantee.  

Google Ads

Google Ads are the paid advertisements that pop up first on Google’s search results. On Google’s SERPs, ads will be listed first, followed by any pages that are ranking well organically. The key to getting your ad ranked on Google? Selecting the right Google Adwords. Adwords are SEO terms designed to help boost your ad rankings in search results.

Google Ads can be a highly successful platform for home service providers because it increases your online visibility, and can help attract potential customers to your business. The more clicks your ad gets, the lower your overall advertising costs become.

If you’re new to Google Ads, start small. Don’t create a huge ad campaign until you figure out which ads will gain your business the best results. Once you’re able to pinpoint what does or doesn’t work for your ad campaigns, you’ll be able to take the next step. To determine the right budget for your business, we recommend reviewing our guide on How to Determine Your Google Ads Budget.

Simplify Web Design

The saying ‘less is more’ exists for a reason. If your website has four graphics, two videos, and a ton of content, users aren’t going to know where to look. Instead of navigating your website, they’ll head right back to Google to find a less complex competitor.

Don’t send customers running to the competition. Keeping things clean, informative, and visually pleasing is the best approach to your website design. When it comes to your website, we recommend the following:

  • Include contact information where it’s relevant

  • Keep your web header simple

  • Have a straightforward navigation bar

  • Design your website with mobile users in mind

  • Add relevant forms and tools to gather contact information

  • Add live chat or a chatbot feature to help customers engage

Your website doesn’t have to be an overly complex place for customers. Ultimately, it’s your biggest way to sell services, so view it as your most important marketing weapon. For more suggestions, review our guide to improving your home service website.

Optimize for Local Search

Today’s homeowners aren’t just searching broadly on Google or Bing. They’re looking for the closest home service providers near them, which is why the term ‘near me’ has serged in recent years. If you’re a home service provider, there is one guaranteed way you’ll increase your online presence and exposure: optimizing your website for local searches.

In addition to creating an incredible Google My Business profile, the best way to end up in Google’s local three-pack is through optimizing your website with location-based keywords. You don’t want to keyword stuff - which basically is jamming your SEO keyword into every single sentence on a webpage - but you do want to add your location onto relevant locations.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say we were a flooring company trying to boost our local SEO rankings for local search purposes. While we don’t know anything about flooring in real life, humor us. The first step that is also the easiest is by including an ‘areas we serve’ section somewhere on the homepage. You can use this section to include all of your relevant location-based keywords. Niche down onto the closest six or seven cities, so you’re not sending Google on a goose chase, but aren’t limiting yourself too much either.

Next, we recommend adding a few location-based landing pages, that are designed to increase online exposure and web traffic. Include all of your relevant business information and services, but the headers and body content should be focused on communicating the service area as clearly as possible.

Optimizing for local search might sound a little daunting at first, but all it takes is a few simple steps to head in the right direction. Google will notice your efforts, and the next time someone searches for your service, your business will end up at the top of Google’s search results. Aren’t sure if all your SEO boxes are getting ticked? Our Local SEO Checklist For Home Service Providers is bound to help you stay on track.

Get Active on Social Media

As a home service provider, you might not be spending all your time on the ‘gram. We understand you’re probably busy, but that doesn’t mean Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest don’t deserve your time.

One of the best ways to increase your customer engagement is through social media. Your customers are already scrolling through their feeds, so why not fill it with informative content about your business?

Your social media accounts are a way to promote your services, as well as other informative content that could be helpful to your customers. A daily tip, blog post, or free resource is a great way to promote your business on social media and keep your customers engaged with what’s going on at the office.

It’s also a good idea to post normal photos of daily interactions in the office, on the job, or after hours. These posts are the ones that keep your customers engaged and eager to learn more about your business.

Final Home Service Marketing Thoughts

We know that was a lot to unpack, but trust us when we say our home service marketing tools are going to strengthen your business. There are plenty of ways to engage with your customers, but the right digital marketing services and strategies can really make or break your business. If your business needs some behind the scenes home service marketing assistance, our team is ready to help however we can. Just schedule your business’s free assessment to get started.

For more insight on what’s missing from your home service marketing strategy, download our free guide, What's Missing From Your Marketing Strategy, to see how we can will the gaps together.

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