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How Can Google My Business Services Benefit Your Business?

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At Nu, we are pretty passionate about Google My Business - so much so, we’ve even made a webinar all about it! We love learning, and sharing, all the different aspects of GMB services. From Google My Business to the Google Guarantee, there is so much you can do to optimize your account.

Today, we wanted to take a moment to highlight the Google My Business services portion of your account, which is ideal for small business owners who want to provide their customers with more information. In addition to your Google My Business listing, we’re showcasing how you can optimize your GMB account to keep your customers informed and knowledgeable about your services.

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

As a business owner, Google My Business is an incredible asset for several reasons. Outside of claiming and verifying your business location, you can:

  • Include Your Service Areas

  • Respond to Reviews

  • Have your Location Optimized for Local Searches

  • Get Verified with Google Guaranteed Badge

  • Increase Local SEO Rankings and Search Results

To make the most of your GMB account, it’s important to optimize your account, which means using all the services Google as to offer you. To start optimizing your GMB, you have to:

  • Include Hours and Location

    • Without the right information, your customers and Google will be confused by your lack of information. As a rule of thumb, this should be the first thing you do once you claim your GMB account, or else Google won’t rank your website very highly.

  • Frequently Post

    • Posts are a great way to include small business SEO outside of our website. When people search for specific keywords and terms related to your industry, your posts are going to help you get found sooner rather than later.

  • Include Questions and Answers

    • A great way to keep your users informed is by including a handful of relevant questions and answers in your GMB account. You can answer the most common customers’ questions, which keeps your customers informed and saves yourself time.

  • Respond to Reviews

    • Reviews are a great way to generate business, trust us! Potential leads will love seeing that you’ve taken the time to answer other customer reviews, which places their trust in your business. The greater number of reviews you answer, the better your customers will respond!

  • Add Photos and Videos

    • Seeing relevant photos and videos on your account will keep your user’s interested and up to date with your current projects.

  • Write A Description

    • This is a place where search engines can reward businesses with higher SEO rankings. Your description is a place that can include keywords that are relevant to your business, and morals. Plus, this provides potential leads an opportunity to get to know your better.

  • Include Google Local Service Ads

    • Google ads are a great what to promote your business, outside of your GMB account. What is Google Local Service Ads exactly? They are way to promote your business with a brief description of a particular product or service, located at the header of a Google search page. If you’re a home service provider, Google Home Services Ads are a great way to reach your customers in addition to your GMB account. The better your ad rankings, the better visibility your business has.

Google My Business is great for many reasons, but now let’s dive into one of our favorites - Google My Business services.

How Can Google My Business Services Benefit Your Business?

Google My Business services are an informational listing you can include in your GMB profile. Essentially, it’s like an extension of your services webpage. While Google provides plenty of opportunities to describe your company, this is where you can showcase your most popular services and products.

The menu of services on Google My Business where you can inform your audience of what services are available through your business. To include your services, go under your GMB profile and head to your settings. From there, you can go to information, and include your list of services.

Additionally, you can include other items like your service hours and location under the information tab. However, if you want to provide customers with more information, it’s beneficial to include your services here as well.

This subsection is great for giving your customers an in-depth look at your services, especially for those in a home service-related industry. You can also list pricing and other relevant information about your services on your Google My Business Services section.

Once again, GMB proves it’s a valuable service for small businesses because of its ability to showcase everything you, and your customers, love about your business.

Don’t have a Google My Business account? What are you waiting for! It’s time to start utilizing all the amazing resources Google My Business Services has to offer. To learn all about your GMB account, watch our free webinar, 6 Google My Business Secrets.

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