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Why Google My Business Posts are a Pretty Big Deal

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Google My Business Posts

At Nu, we’re pretty passionate about Google My Business. It’s become one of the most relevant and useful marketing tools for small businesses, and if you’re not already using it, then it’s time to start taking GMB Seriously.

While there’s plenty to love about Google My Business, like creating a well-rounded profile, there is one GMB feature that flies pretty under the radar for most - Google My Business Posts. That’s right, GMB has a posting feature. 

If you don’t already know about GMB posts, don’t worry! Lots of people are still unpacking all the great features of GMB. The good news is we know quite a bit about Google My Business posts and can explain the main takeaways and purpose of GMB posting.

The main point of Google My Business posts? Well, a post wears many hats and does a plethora of quality work on your behalf. The three main things Google My Business posts do are:

  • Promote new products, promos, or events
  • Increase local SEO keywords
  • Help your GMB profile

Yes, Google My Business posts are capable of many things! That’s why we’re turning our attention to why Google My Business Posts are essential, and the best strategies for Google My Business posts.

What are Google My Business Posts?


Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of GMB posting, let’s answer the big question - what exactly are Google My Business posts?

Google My Business posts are a way to connect with existing and potential customers through your Google My Business profile. They also increase customer engagement, encouraging customers to gather more information before they click on your website.

Google My Business posts can be used in various ways, ranging from event promotion, new product releases, exclusive promotional codes, and other relevant content. The best part? They don’t have to be thick, in-depth pieces of content. Creating a post can take as little as five minutes!



How Google My Business Posts Impact Your Business


Google My Business posts are a pretty big deal for several reasons.

  • More online exposure

    • GMB posts are a great way to increase your online presence. By taking the time to post regularly, current customers will be able to scroll and see what’s going on with your business. Plus, if your business profile pops up on the first page of Google, potential leads will have the opportunity to learn more about your business.

  • Free advertising

    • Have an event or new product? Think of GMB posts as an easy way to advertise! Upcoming events can be announced on a Google My Business post, so customers don’t have to go to your website to get all the information they need.

  • Easy promotion

    • Are you running any hot deals? Well, you can promote them using GMB posts. There are Google My Business posts designed to encourage and spread awareness about sales and specials so that you can have exciting CTA’s and other promotions for your specials.

  • Communicate with customers

    • It’s hard to connect with customers just through website and social media alone. GMB posts are a great way to communicate with customers and increase opportunities for online engagement.

Types of Google My Business Posts


For Google My Business posts to promote, educate, and keep customers informed, it’s essential to claim and optimize your Google My Business profile. If you haven’t already done so, that’s the first step to posting on Google My Business, and earning the Google Guarantee.

Once you’ve claimed and optimized your GMB profile, it’s time to get to work! There are four types of Google My Business posts. Each one is designed to deliver information: however, each one has a different informative approach. That's why we’re breaking down each type of Google My Business post.




Product posts are pretty self-explanatory. Product posts are where you promote a new product, line, collection, or any other merchandise. Product posts are ideal for pictures; otherwise, how will customers know what you’re promoting? Use the product post description for diving deeper into the product, discussing dimensions, pricing, and other valuable information. Keep in mind that product posts will disappear from your GMB post feed after seven days.




Have a storewide sale or open house? No matter the event, Google My Business event posts are designed to get it on the map - in this case, literally. Event posts appear directly on your GMB listing and your Google Maps listing, so anyone searching for furniture sales or other events can see what you’re promoting right there on your GMB post! You can schedule event posts to last as long as you need, whether that’s a three-day event or a month-long special. 


What’s New 

New products, renovations, and other exciting updates are great for ‘What’s New’ posts. Use these posts as a chance to highlight what’s great about your business. These posts can last for up to seven days.



Promos, deals, specials - all of these are perfect for Google My Business offer posts! Add pictures or videos as you see fit, and include an offer code or promotion within the post to redeem the offer. Offer posts can also have a wide time frame like event posts.




When to Use Google My Business Posts

To get the attention of new and returning customers, use the Offer and Event Google My Business posts frequently. These are great at pulling in crowds and striking attention from multiple searchers. However, What’s New and Product posts are more geared towards reminding existing customers about your products and services and are great ways to market what’s going on with your business.


Google My Business Posting Best Practices

Now that we’ve discussed the different types of Google My Business posts, it’s time to get to work, right?! Well, not quite. You’re almost a GMB posting wizard, but we have a few more things to discuss before you start posting.


Please Post with Pictures

Posts are all about words, yes, but that doesn’t mean pictures don’t matter! A photo captures people's attention on the ‘gram, and Google My Business posts are no different. Add creative content to the image or video, enticing readers to stop their scrolling. For instance, a furniture collection photo needs to be captured in the right lighting, but adding the collection name to the image is a nice touch. Videos are also perfect for showcasing a storewide promotion or completed project, so don’t be afraid to use them!

CTA’s Pack a Punch

Google My Business posts have a list of predetermined CTA’s you can choose from. Even though they’re not required, it’s always a good practice to include them in a post. The CTA’s go as followed:

  • Learn More

  • Order Online

  • Buy

  • Sign Up

  • Call Now

  • Book

Depending on what kind of post you’re using, pick a CTA accordingly. CTA’s are designed to be compelling, but if the CTA doesn’t match the post content, then it’s not going to be exciting enough to click!


Short and Sweet (and full of Local SEO)

While Google My Business posts go up to 1,500 words, more isn’t always better. Depending on what you’re posting about, you can work with less! A full-blown product line will need more characters than a home renovation reveal. However, all posts get cut off after 200 characters. Make sure the first few make a strong impression.

Additionally, Google My Business posts are a great way to include local SEO keywords! Yes, it might not seem that way, but think about it. A person searching for ‘granite countertops’ in North Carolina will get a list of search results, but a local business ranking on Google Maps can change thanks to local SEO keywords. Including the right local SEO words in your post means google can keep rewarding your hard work. Just be sure to add the ones the generate the highest traffic on your website.


Final Thoughts? Get Posting on Google My Business

There are a lot of layers to Google My Business. But, all of them have incredible payoffs! Google My Business Posts are a great way to promote your business and keep engaging with your customers. If you don’t have time to manage and create Google My Business posts, we have your back. Part of our inbound marketing services includes GMB management and optimization, so your account is bound to stop scrollers in their tracks!

Want to see how our services create success? Read some of our marketing success stories and be sure to watch our top Google My Business secrets


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