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Should you give gifts to your customers?

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Olivia Orme

The arrival of the holidays means plenty of wonderful things. Food and family are definitely the highlights, but most of our time goes towards one thing in preparation for the season: shopping. 

We all create extensive lists and spend hours searching for the right gift for the right person. But as a business owner, you might be wondering if your Christmas shopping list should include your clients this year?

Would it appropriate to give your customers gifts? Will they feel like it’s a nice gesture? Instead of wondering what to do, we’re here to clear the air and give an honest opinion about customer gifts.

Should you give gifts to clients?

You’re on the fence about giving your clients a gift, and it’s perfectly understandable. What if it’s a newer client? Or you’ve never purchased client gifts before? What is an appropriate gift? There are lots of things to consider before you start shopping.

Before we jump in, first thing’s first:

Check and see if they have a no-gift policy

Some clients might not be able to accept presents. For instance, journalists and government officials aren’t allowed to accept gifts from clients. So, before you start shopping, check the fine print. Make sure there isn’t a corporate gift policy in place that will ruin your holiday gesture. However, if there isn’t a no-gift policy in place, here’s our honest opinion about customer gifts.

It’s Okay to give your Customer Gifts

At Nu, we believe it’s a great way to show that you care about your customers. It doesn’t need to be a large gift by any means. It’s more about the message your sending to your clients. The customer service world is all about maintaining connections and having positive relationships, and a small thoughtful gift is a great way to keep that line of communication open. Your customers will feel valued and be more inclined to keep working with you moving forward.

Tips for Client Gifts

If you decide to go down the customer gift route, we have a few suggestions that will help your gift selection process.

Don’t get something generic

When it comes to sending a gift, it is all about the thought. With that in mind, don’t send something just for promotional purposes. They already know enough about your business. Also, gifts like a pre-ordered gift basket or gift card doesn’t reflect how much your client means to you, and might go unnoticed. Even though it’s a safe choice, it might not be the right choice. 

At the end of the day it’s not about getting the perfect gift: it’s about maintaining a positive relationship with your client, and showing that they’re important to you. So, while you don’t have to go overboard, do put some thought into the present.

Do look for a personalized gift

Get something that accurately represents your client or the entire team. A present that represents their interests outside of work, like a club membership or a magazine subscription, is affordable and something they can enjoy year-round. 

If you’d like to get a gift for the entire team, we recommend an experience such as an escape room, food tasting, or other fun group activities. Experiences are unique because they’ll make memories, which leave a lasting impression moving forward. Those small details make all the difference in your relationship with your client.

Want to go the extra mile? Add a handwritten note with your gift. It’s a nice touch that also reflects the thought and time you put into your present.

When it comes to the holiday season, there are more things to consider aside from giving gifts to customers. Best holiday practices can include things like giving extra holiday PTO, or thinking of new ways to promote your business.

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