Remember how we talked about homeowner ghosting? If not, head on over to learn more about what it means to be ‘ghosted.’ Or send me an email and I’ll tell you all about my experiences with ghosting IRL.

Are you up to date? Or are you about to ghost me?!?!

Just kidding, sort of. But really, this blog is too good to miss out on.

Well, now that you’re reacquainted with the term, I’m sorry to say that’s not the only type of ghosting you’ll experience in business. It’s true, there are some difficult homeowner behaviors that could be contributing to your MIA lead, but ghosting happens for more than one reason.

As it turns out, ghost leads are everywhere, especially when it comes to potential customers. They’re guilty of, well, leading you on with no results - and rejection can sting. So, how exactly do you combat those ghost customer leads, and get them to reappear into your life?

There are a few techniques you can use to try and earn them back. Just remember your sales funnel isn’t the only thing that matters. Nurturing your leads, and focusing your attention towards lead generation, will pay off in the end.


Avoid Dating Disaster From the Start

The best way to not get ghosted is by avoiding it from the start - which means not pressuring your customers to make a hasty decision, or getting too confident in the lead before you’ve really nurtured them.

Too often, we’re ready to switch our leads from their MQL phase to a SQL phase, and they might not be ready just yet.

In case that was a little confusing, for reference, a MQL is a market qualified lead, while a SQL is a sales qualified lead. While they’re both essential lead phases, they’re completely different.

An MQL is thinking about your product or service, and will probably become a customer later down the line. They want to sit on the product for a while and need to be nurtured before they buy. Meanwhile, and SQL is already interested in your product, and has been vetted by your sales team. They’re ready for the buyers phase, while an MQL is still on the fence.

So if you jump the gun too quickly, or think they’re already in the buyer’s phase, they’ll feel rushed and will be more inclined to dab out of there before you can toot your lead generation horn and skillset. Leaving you heartbroken.

You can avoid getting ghosted if you focus on generating leads, and nurturing them, for equal amounts of time. Putting in the work matters. You don’t show up to a dinner date and leave after the appetizer. Who in the world would like that? (Unless it’s a bad date. Then I might not mind at all. But I digress.)

Sales and leads go hand in hand, but that doesn’t mean you can just speed through the process. Take your time, so you can turn that lead into a loyal customer.


You’ve Put in the Work, But Your Lead is MIA

So you’ve taken the time and put in the work. You got their email address, made a couple of phone calls, added their contact information to your database, and now they’ll be included in your latest email marketing campaign. Way to go! You really planned out that date.

But as you’re dolling up for dinner, getting ready to reel them in with the big sales pitch, they disappear. Suddenly, you’re just not excited anymore and feel a little upset you dressed up for nothing.

I’m here to tell you it wasn’t anything you did. It’s the old - it’s not you, it’s me - trick, but now it’s happening with your lead.

They’re either doubting themselves, you, or just need a little time to think before they’re ready to go.

Whether they were always a little distant or engaged from the start, you can get this lead back. Don’t get in your sweats and stuff your face with chocolate just yet.


How to Try to Get Your Lead Back - No Apology Required

It doesn’t take a grand gesture to get your lead back. Just a few strategic emails and phone calls should do the trick.

Just like with your content marketing strategies, you have to engage your lead, and be smart in your approach. We have a few ideas that should help you reconnect with your lead.


  • Be Direct
    • Something that can get lost in most marketing automated emails is the direct tone of voice leads sometimes need. Previous emails might have sounded too generic or less personal, so they won’t get hung up about being wishy-washy and ghosting you. Directly ask them how they’re doing, what they’d like from you, and how you can help them. See if they liked your quote or estimate, and go from there. The last thing you want is them running to their search engine looking for another service, and going to the competition.
  • Ask Them Questions
    • Asking questions is an easy way to get somewhere. You’re getting to the point, but also evaluating where they are in their buyer’s journey. You’ll either get a receptive answer or none at all.
  • Offer Help
    • Maybe your lead is feeling lost or confused. If so, it’s even more important to reach out to them! Offer assistance, provide resources like blogs and eBooks, give available times to talk on the phone. Just be personal, and prove you’re worth their time.
  • Reach Out to Another Contact
    • If you have another contact, reach out to them. Tell them what’s been going on and see if they’re able to help you. There’s no harm in asking, and maybe this is how you’ll close the deal!


Want more help wining and dining your leads? Just look at some of our favorite blogs: How Do I Get More Qualified Leads from my Website and Inbound vs. Outbound Sales: Which One Will Help You Win? Now go out there and don’t get ghosted!

Olivia Orme
About Olivia Orme

I grew up in the Northern Virginia Area, and spent my days in drama club and riding horses. Somehow, I found my way down south, and graduated from Wofford College with a degree in English and Political Science. Caught between loving the south, and missing home, Winston Salem seems to be the perfect in-between. My typical day revolves around my love for writing, and I hope to bring my love for learning and creativity to our clients!

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