As a home service provider, you probably experience irregular communication from your customers from time to time. It’s can be frustrating, but not surprising. After all, homeowners have busy lives too - between work and family, it can be hard to pick up the phone every time you call.

But, what happens if you’re trying to connect with a brand new lead, but it goes straight to voicemail? How are you going to compel that homeowner to call you back?

While it might be difficult, it’s not impossible. We have seven foolproof hacks that will get your homeowner leads to call you back sooner rather than later.


Pick The Right Time of Day

If you’re calling during the right time frame, chances are you’re going to be getting a callback quickly - or better yet, they’ll pick up the phone during the first few rings! It’s not ideal to call about your products and services at 10:30 AM without an appointment - chances are, they’re going to be busy. Calling before 9 AM, or around 4:30 PM, increases their chances of picking up the phone, or listening to your voicemail on their way home from work. You’ll get a response a lot sooner.

Leave a Friendly Voicemail

It’s no secret that good customer service lands you more qualified leads - without those practices, you could get ghosted by your homeowner before you’ve even serviced them! So, instead of sounding too cut and dry, leave your lead a pleasant voicemail. Inquire about their day, before you lead into the sales pitch. Most importantly, make the end of your voicemail compelling, and motivate them to take action. Use whatever marketing materials are in your toolkit to sell to the customer, but don’t be too pushy. It’s a fine line to walk, but with the right tactics, you can do it!


Have A Sense of Urgency

If you give homeowners too much leeway, they won’t call you back right away - which means you have no way of knowing if you’ve converted that lead into a customer. In your voicemail, be sure to have an urgent tone. Stress that you value their time, and be sure to include any offers, specials, or mail marketing campaigns you’re promoting at the time. This will help seal the deal, and get that homeowner to call you back.


Get to the Point

Homeowners don’t have all day to listen to your voicemail - they probably have 5 minutes extra minutes during their lunch break. So, be smart about your voicemail message tactics. Don’t go on for over a minute - try to keep it under 45 seconds. The formalities are important, but rambling will make them tune out and press delete, rather than call you back.

Follow Up with An Email

Chances are, they didn’t have time to pick up the phone, and might not have the time until later in the week. If you’re experiencing radio silence, a quick follow up email never hurt anyone. Suggest a few meeting times that could work with their schedule. The extra effort will speak volumes to the homeowner.

Be Prompt and Accessible

If this lead just reached out for a quote this morning, it’s best to be prompt and give them answers. Being able to say ‘I have your prepared quote ready and would love to talk logistics,’ is music to their ears. They’ll want to call you back as soon as possible. So make sure you, and your are services accessible to customers.

Don’t Bombard

If you have already left a voicemail and an email, give the homeowner time to respond. Being pushy is going to send them running in the opposite direction. Being direct is important, but the last thing a homeowner wants is to feel too pressured. There is a fine line between creating urgency, and being downright cringy.


If you have a list of homeowner leads, ready to be called - take the time to prioritize those messages! Just remember, homeowners can be tricky at times - tread lightly. Luckily, we have all the best tips for How to Handle Difficult Homeowner Behaviors so you can get back to conducting business as usual.

Olivia Orme
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I grew up in the Northern Virginia Area, and spent my days in drama club and riding horses. Somehow, I found my way down south, and graduated from Wofford College with a degree in English and Political Science. Caught between loving the south, and missing home, Winston Salem seems to be the perfect in-between. My typical day revolves around my love for writing, and I hope to bring my love for learning and creativity to our clients!

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