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Don't Overlook the Fonts on Your Website!

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Fonts, they’re everywhere! There are so many out there, how can you possibly choose the right one? When you’re designing a website, you may be wondering to yourself: why does it even matter? Can’t I just use Times New Roman and be done with it?

No! Unless you’re writing an essay in MLA format, you need to put thought into your font. Font can have a major effect on how your audience feels about your site! You’ve spent so much time on perfecting the rest of your site. Don’t get passed over just because your font missed the mark.

Here are 3 major features to consider when you’re choosing font for your website.


The ultimate goal of your website is to appeal to your clients and boost your business’s success. In order to attract clients, you need to have a strong company message and identity. A great way to make your messaging cohesive? You guessed it, font!

Start by deciding on the tone you want to set with your site. This all depends on your industry, your company’s identity, and your target audience.

If you want your website to be authoritative and professional, don’t choose a flowery script in your header. Try something bold, simple, and modern.

If you’re going for more playful and informal, a monospaced serif font is not the best choice. Have fun with a more decorative font, but only in key places! Which brings us to our next point...


We’ve all come across a website that’s frustratingly difficult to read. Maybe the letters were way too small, or the font was needlessly complicated to the point of being illegible. Going overboard with an unreadable font is a huge design don’t!

For the body of your site, you should stick with something easily readable. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use a bold, complex statement font for special design elements on your site. But too much flair can harm your legibility.

For website body content, a sans serif is a great choice due to its simplicity and straightforwardness. For the most part, aim to make your body text “transparent” - readers shouldn’t even notice the typeface. If they do, you’ve probably chosen the wrong font.


Did you know that you can communicate mood and emotions with font? A script has a much different feeling than a modern or serif font. But why is that?

Think about handwriting. You can get a feel for a writer’s emotional state by looking at their handwriting. Fonts evoke similar emotions!

A slanted script might convey writing in a rush, while a more ornate script gives your words formality.

Serifs are difficult to render in handwriting, so they give off a feeling of authority and precision.

Comic sans is almost universally hated by designers and readers alike, but why? Is it because it comes off as sloppy and immature? Unprofessional? Readability comes into play as well.

The point is, your font evokes emotion. Think hard about who you’re trying to reach with your site and how you want them to feel about your business. Don’t just choose a font that you like personally. Be evocative and appeal to your target audience!


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