As a home remodeler, you might spend more time working on roofs, finishing kitchens, and patching drywall than you do on your website. Getting your hands dirty is a part of the job, but sometimes it’s essential to tackle web tasks and SEO tactics as well.

One crucial part of growing your business is developing local SEO strategies. Remodeling SEO might not seem like a high priority in your day to day work life, but it’s one of the most effective and helpful tools you can use to grow your business. If you’re unfamiliar with remodeling SEO, and your website doesn’t have the web traffic you want it to, we have a few smart SEO strategies that will get you the results you’ve been looking for in no time.


Have a Content Strategy - Title Tags are Your Friend

Google Guarantee is a way for Google to protect its users from visiting fraudulent or unauthorized businesses online. Basically, if your business profile and credentials aren’t up to par, Google isn’t going to give you a Google Guarantee badge. This can also impact your Google My Business listing. Google has the right to remove your Google My Business Listing if you don’t meet their background check and qualifications.

Essentially, being Google Guaranteed means home service providers and business owners have to meet the criteria of Google’s screening process. They also have the advantage of being seen more frequently on Google. Google Guaranteed is a way for businesses to maintain their integrity and lets Google protect their users.


How to Get Google Guaranteed

Take time away from the reno to get writing. Or, if you don’t think you’re a word savvy wizard, let someone else spearhead your content writing and marketing. If you’re thinking, ‘why would I want to do that,’ we’d like to explain why this is so beneficial.

For starters, it improves your SEO strategy! Yes, you read that right. Increasing your content boosts your online presence. So many remodeling companies know what it takes to complete a kitchen, bathroom, roof, or deck, but the key to gaining new leads is by including this information on your website! The right information can increase your overall SEO strategy and the number of keywords on your website. Even if it’s informing people how they can patch a hole in their roof, every little bit counts.

As you can see, this is why every business needs a content strategy. Writing down helpful, informative content is going to help your customers and your page SEO. That doesn’t mean you have to write a killer blog post every day - you’re busy working on roofs after all! But, a content strategy is going to be your best friend in no time, and if you don’t already have a blog, here are four reasons why you should.

The key to killer content? Three things - title tags, SEO tactics, and total transparency.

Title tags are the headers in your content, which lead to the bulk of your content. Using keywords here is what boosts your SEO rankings, along with keywords in your meta description, and SEO title.

Smart SEO tactics, like long-tail keywords, are also your best friend with content strategies. “Roof leak repair costs,” for instance, is an excellent term that plenty of homeowners likely search for, that you can base an entire blog post around.

Tactics and title tags are going to be your best friends, as well as our last tip - transparency. What we mean by that is don’t dramatize or make your blog topics too dense. There are a few ways to perfect your blog posts, but our main tips are to keep things relevant, helpful, and short and sweet. Simple kitchen remodeling tips are a great topic that can also include plenty of keywords, which will be the heart and soul of your SEO strategy, outside of your webpages.


Optimize Your Products and Services Page

Obviously, you know all about your products and services, but chances are your potential customers don’t - that’s why they’re on your website. It’s best to include as many keywords as possible on your service page. Your service page is going to be the page that receives the most traffic anyway, might as well do everything you can to help increase that web traffic.

With remodeling search engine optimization, it’s best to use local SEO, as well as broader keywords to help increase your page rankings. You want to include as many relevant keywords as possible, but the goal isn’t to bog down the page with words that won’t achieve results.

Finding local keywords that are relevant to your business is going to be what drives leads to your results page. Include appropriate locations that you often service, so you attract more leads and traffic to this specific location.


Optimizing your traffic and home service website should be a high priority on your remodeling SEO checklist, so don’t delay. This easy fix can also be taken care of by an outside content marketing expert who specializes in digital marketing.


Optimize Your Products and Services Page


At Nu, we talk quite a bit about Google My Business. The reason why is because remodelers, contractors, roofers, and other home service providers can benefit from this incredible resource. Mainly, Google My Business presents the perfect opportunity for you to provide relevant information and boost your SEO presence.


The easiest way to take advantage of Google My Business and start using local SEO strategies is by adding your physical location, contact information, and other relevant information your customers need to find you. From there, Google will reward the top local businesses and include them in the local pack, or top 3 search engine results.


Google My Business also provides other exciting features that can promote your SEO, like daily Google My Business posts, the Google Guarantee, and company bios and descriptions that you can fill with endless keywords. The more keywords you include, the better. Just don’t overpack your bio with too many keywords all at once. Things need to remain digestible for Google, local search engines, and your audience.


Always Update Your SEO


It’s easy to do all the hard work in a few days and call it, but to maintain great SEO results, you have to build and find new remodeling SEO keywords and strategies continuously. Local SEO will only reward you for so long if you don’t work hard to maintain it. If you don’t have time to continually brainstorm and develop brand new SEO strategies, hire an SEO marketing firm that can take care of the heavy lifting for you.

At Nu, we specialize in local SEO, SEO for contractors, roofers, plumbers, and other home services. If you need local SEO services or SEO packages, schedule a discovery call with us to see if we’re the perfect fit for your business.





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