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How to get customers to leave online reviews

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Customer Reviews

As consumers, before you make a purchase, what’s the first thing you do? Look at the product descriptions? Go to the image gallery? Compare price points?

I’m sure you do - after taking a good look at the product reviews.

No one wants to invest in something without doing their homework first, or else you’ll be left with a product or service that doesn’t do you any good. Upwards of 90% of buyers read reviews before making an investment, which means in order for your business to thrive, you need to have plenty of customers write reviews about your products.

But, what if you only have old reviews from previous customers? What if they don’t go in-depth about your products or services? How can you get the customer feedback you need to gain new leads?

Don’t sweat it. You can get all the customer reviews you need, so long as you lay the groundwork for them.

Make Yourself Accessible

Reviews are quite possibly the first thing people see when they google your company. It's a small thing, googling your business, but if your domain isn’t connected with Google, your customers won’t be able to write reviews about your products and services. If you’re not on Google, there’s your first (and biggest) problem. 

Luckily, Google my Business is a great feature that can help make your company more visible online, and build domain authority. Customers will be able to see quick details and facts about your business, along with your existing customer reviews. Being able to see existing reviews will help promote your business, and they’ll get a quick look at the important details about your company.

Making sure Google, Yelp, Bing, and other search engines can find you with ease is very important for getting those positive customer reviews. It’s also the difference in finding, or losing, a new lead.

It’s also important to provide your customers with a variety of ways to review your business. A generic email asking for a customer to complete a survey isn’t very engaging, and you risk potentially losing their business. Giving them multiple platforms to provide feedback will be very helpful.

Offer Incentive

Incentives like discounts and promotional codes are a great way to encourage your customers to leave a review. This way, you’re still getting genuine feedback from your customers, but they’ll feel more compelled to leave a review, rather than skipping out on the feedback.

Give Your Customers Time to Use Your Product

Asking for reviews can go one of two ways: your customer has genuinely taken the time to use your product and can provide an honest review, or they feel rushed and there is an increased risk of receiving a mixed, or negative, review.

So, at what point is it appropriate to ask your customers for a review?

Wait a few weeks before sending them an email asking for a review. Open with a more personalized message. Genuinely thank them for their purchase, and then lead into asking for a review. It doesn’t have to be very long, but ask them to write out at least 140 characters regarding their purchase. End with another thank you, and leave an incentive of choice, to really seal the deal.

Answer Existing Reviews

One way to gain more reviews is by responding to existing ones. Customers enjoy feeling cared for and being able to see questions, concerns, and feedback get addressed is reassuring for your potential customers.

Even if a customer writes bad reviews, their customer experience can change if you apologize, offer a solution, and provide the additional customer service other businesses might skip. As a business owner, it’s always best to keep thing’s professional, and never give a negative answer in response to a customer. Preserve your image and keep things polite. Offer alternative solutions and remaining positive can make all the difference for your businesses.


Answer Google Reviews By Customers


Say Thank You

It doesn’t take long to send a quick email thanking your customers for their feedback. Thanking them for a purchase and review is a sure way to generate their loyalty and future business. Plus, they’ll be sure to leave more reviews because of your continued positive and personal responses.

Customer reviews are an important part of your business, but it’s equally important to make sure you’re building trust with your customers while providing them quality service. If you’re interested in building trust with your customers through an innovative digital marketing campaign, here at Nu, we’d be happy to help you get started. All you have to do is schedule a discovery call with us

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