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How to Enhance Customer Experience’s within the Home Service Industry

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Providing excellent customer service is important, no matter the job field. However, when it comes to the home service industry, good customer experiences are even more important for a variety of reasons.

For starters, homeowners are trusting your technicians to enter their home and fix or repair an important part of their life. This takes trust and exposes homeowners to a level of vulnerability they normally don’t experience within other industries.

So, because of this, many home service providers wonder how they can enhance their customer’s experiences, and provide outstanding service. We have a few ideas that will be sure to please your customers, and help build meaningful long term relationships.

Make time for Customer Interactions

Customer perceptions are important, so in order to start off the relationship positively, have your employees spend a few minutes chatting with the customer prior to service. They can use this time to introduce themselves, explain the product or service they’ll be performing, and have time to answer any questions the customer might have. This is just one way you can build trust with homeowners prior to service.

These few minutes really set the tone for customer expectations and can help put their mind at ease about the service or repair in their home. Just because your technicians understand what’s going on with the roof, pipes, or HVAC, doesn’t mean the customer does. The goal is to not only provide amazing service - it’s to improve the customer experience by explaining, empathizing, and simplifying the overall process.

Maintain Communication

In order to build trust, and enhance the customer service experience, it’s important to remain customer-centric throughout the entire process. One of the best ways to do that is by maintaining communication with the customer.

While this might seem straightforward, it’s easy to get distracted by other customers, calls, and various distractions that occur within the day. In order to fully enhance the customer service experience, it’s important to maintain those lines of communication, and check-in with the customer throughout the duration of the project. You can use this opportunity to update the customer, outline the goals and expectations for the day, and make your customers feel reassured with their decision - especially millennial homeowners.

One of the best ways to retain customers, and improve your customer experience strategy, is by valuing communication and empathy. It’s not easy to let a stranger into the home - so it’s important for your employees to make them feel at ease, and create those lasting connections with your customers. Not only will this improve the experience, it will create customer loyalty and make sure these relationships continue long after service.

Follow Up and Ask for Customer Feedback

After a period of time, ask your employee to reach out with the customer via email or phone - whatever their preferred method of communication is. Taking the time to follow up on the service, and see how everything is operating afterward, is just as important as the service itself.

Your customers might have questions about follow up maintenance and preventative measures they can take, to help protect their home. Your technicians can use this time to answer additional questions and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Once follow up service is complete, ask the customer to provide feedback or leave online reviews, so you can start to measure customer satisfaction. See what areas of your service need improvement, or who is excelling within your company.

Customer experience isn’t just great service, it’s about valuing their opinion, and showing them they matter. Asking for feedback will make them feel validated, confident, and sure to hire your company again.

Evaluate Your Staff

With every round of feedback, it reflects the service and expectations of your staff. If you notice areas of improvement that consistently arise within your company, address it you your employees. Implement trainings that can rectify the situation, and help everyone grow together.

By setting the standard and maintaining a level of service expectations, your staff will be better equipped to handle customers and improve their overall service experiences.

Customer service is one of the most important components of your business. For more customer service practices, take a look at two of our favorite blogs, The Best Customer Service Practices: Six Secrets to Happy Customers and How to Get an A+ in Customer Satisfaction.

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