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Navigating Cell Phone Etiquette at Work

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Olivia Orme
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When it comes to running a business, some things are easier to manage than others. Invoices, sales, web management - all of these components are within your control. But what about the things you can’t manage?

The truth is, there are a few things that are out of your hands as a business owner, one of those being employee conduct. A big problem among the workforce? Cell phone etiquette. While working in an office requires working on our phones, it’s different for home service providers. There are lots of components that change with this line of work, considering many employees end up working within a home, and around their customers.

Because this can be uncharted territory for some, we’re here to tell you what the proper cell phone etiquette is for your employees, while they’re on a job site, or working alongside a homeowner.

On the Job

If you happen to be on a job site, cell phone etiquette becomes a little complicated. For starters, if you are working on a roof, or home exterior, your phone should not be on your person. They pose a variety of hazards on the job, and don’t need to pose a distraction when your employees are performing work. Encourage your employees to have their phones turned off and put away during this time, and have them out of reach when your technicians are driving from one job site to another.

It’s best to keep employee cell phones locked or off during drives, or during technical work. From a safety perspective, it’s in the best interest of your employees, so they’re not distracted or placed at risk by the distractions of calls.

Once the work is done, or they’re taking a break, it’s a fine to check for missed calls or other text notifications that happened. But, for liability reasons, make it mandatory that employees cannot have their cell phone on their person in the middle of a job.

Talking to Homeowners

Naturally, another facet of cell phone etiquette comes into play when communicating directly with homeowners and clients. If your employees are talking to another customer, it’s important to let incoming calls go to voicemail, unless it’s urgent. If it’s urgent, your employees might have a moment or two to take the call, but it’s essential that their undivided attention rest with your customers.

Every situation is different, but during meetings with your customers, the focus needs to be completely on them. If needed, they can step outside to take a call, but it’s important to consider the proper procedures for your customers when it comes to employee conduct. Many homeowners have concerns or fears about what’s going on under their roof, so it’s important for employees to take the proper time addressing those concerns. So, make the calls wait. It will really speak volumes about the service expectations of your company.

Within the Office

Calls and email are what makes the world go round - in the office, it’s just standard. So within the office, the same rules don’t apply as they might on a job site. This is the time technicians and sales representatives can take calls, to land new leads, so customer communication is essential. However, it’s important to remember a few key details when on the phone.

  • Talk in respectful tones
  • If possible, head to a private area to take the call
  • Use appropriate language and manners
  • Don’t stay on the phone all day - there are other things that need to be addressed

Important Cell Phone Tips

There are definitely a few key tips that are important to remember on the job, and make sure your employees are being detail-oriented:

  • Keep your phone on vibrate or silent
  • Don’t answer calls during meetings
  • Be mindful of others
  • Consider the length of your calls

If your employees follow a universal code of conduct and don’t overstep the boundaries that come with cell phone etiquette, then you’re going to have the proper procedures in place that set your company and employees up for success, and earn you an A+ in customer satisfaction.

When it comes to your company, there are lots of little things that can exceed customer expectations, and provide amazing customer service. If you want to learn all the best tips that create a strong customer service environment, take a look at all the best customer service practices that can take your team to the next level.

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