Ah, the ever-popular business headshot. For so many of us, we dread having our company picture taken, and avoid it at all costs. Maybe you’re never pleased with your outfit, get tense in front of the camera, or feel like the lighting isn’t very flattering. Whatever the reason, we all tend to have mixed emotions when it’s time to get our picture taken.


Despite how you might feel toward photography, professional headshots are a wonderful opportunity to make a great first impression on your website or employee page. Putting a face to a name helps encourage trust from your customers so you’re more likely to generate leads from potential clients.


So, how can you flip these feelings towards photos, and use it as a great personal branding opportunity for yourself instead? Take a look at our tips for the art of a great headshot.

Use Natural or Studio Lighting

It’s no secret that fluorescent lights aren’t very flattering. No matter the location of the photo, or what you’re wearing for the picture, fluorescent lights can affect the overall appearance. You won’t be the only one who notices; your customers and leads will see that it’s not a natural image.


Since headshots require photographers to get up close for a better photo angle, it’s a good rule of thumb to use natural light. Take your photos midmorning to ensure there is enough light to work with. If you have a larger budget, hire a professional photographer, so you can use studio lighting to enhance your headshot.

Keep Things Simple in the Photo

In a photo, the first thing people should notice is you, not what you’re wearing. If you want to leave a positive impression for potential customers, it’s a good practice to keep things simple. Lots of people will be distracted by loud prints or articles of clothing that make too much of a statement, which can take away from the overall message you’re trying to send to your customers. Keep your clothing simple but professional. Wear a color that flatters your skin tone, but will still show up in the photo.


If you typically do your hair or wear makeup to work, it’s also a good idea to keep your hair and makeup natural, so customers feel like they are really seeing you. You’ll appear more approachable to your customers, while still reflecting your personality.

Reflect Your Brand

If you’re a company that is very brand-oriented, incorporate that into your headshot session. As a business owner, you can have your employees wear a company shirt or merchandise for their headshots or in other company-wide photos. It creates unity among your employees, which can be a great way to brand your company. Ultimately, you want each headshot to reflect the employee, and your business, so do whatever works for your company.


For a different approach, have each employee write a personal statement that can go on your website. The combination of a relatable headshot and a personal message will make your audience feel connected to your company.


Sometimes, a great headshot makes all the difference in attracting new leads, and building trust between yourself and your customers. If you want to continue that great first impression, take a look at the best customer service practices and how website chatbots are the ultimate solution to customer service.

Olivia Orme
About Olivia Orme

I grew up in the Northern Virginia Area, and spent my days in drama club and riding horses. Somehow, I found my way down south, and graduated from Wofford College with a degree in English and Political Science. Caught between loving the south, and missing home, Winston Salem seems to be the perfect in-between. My typical day revolves around my love for writing, and I hope to bring my love for learning and creativity to our clients!

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