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The Best Plumbing Marketing Strategies

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If you own a plumbing business, you and your employees probably spend a lot of time on the job working with customers. Between providing services, managing the books, and scheduling your next appointments, your digital marketing strategy might not be at the forefront of your to-do list.

While we don’t know much about how to unclog a drain or fix a water heater, we know plenty about digital marketing strategies. The key to retaining your current customers and reaching potential new leads is through an effective marketing strategy - the most challenging part is knowing where to begin.

If the idea of applying plumbing marketing strategies to your business sounds exciting or long overdue, then you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to discuss all the best plumbing digital marketing strategies you can use to grow your business.

The Best Plumbing Digital Marketing Strategies

The best marketing strategy isn’t one huge, foolproof plan - many components go into an effective marketing strategy. While each of these is very different from one another, they’re all equally important.

No matter where you begin, the following plumbing marketing strategies are going to set you down the road to success.

Optimize Your Web Design

Think of your website as a first impression. If it doesn’t instantly impress leads or send a clear message, they will go back to Google to find another plumber. To secure new leads and maintain relationships with existing customers your website needs to look its best, have relevant information, and be easily accessible.

Optimizing your website doesn’t mean changing everything about it. Think of it as spring cleaning - freshen up what’s already there and remove anything that isn’t necessary. Start small and tackle your website page by page. It’s going to be more helpful for you and your customers in the long run.

To optimize your website, start with the following:

  • Its Mobile Compatibility
    • Over 50% of searchers are mobile users, so it’s essential to make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices.
  • It’s Load Time
    • Too many graphics, content, and low security mean your website will be slow to load. Optimizing its speed is going to make things better for you and your customers.
  • It’s Design
    • Overly complicated, graphics-heavy designs look good on paper but aren’t practical in theory. Your customers end up distracted, and chances are they won’t stick around to explore your services. Keep things simple when it comes to your website. Use plenty of pictures, and focus on highlighting your services instead of being flashy.
  • It’s Navigation
    • A huge navigation bar can confuse your customer. Be sure to keep things simple, straightforward, and broken down by your relevant services.
  • It’s Content
    • Content is king when it comes to boosting your website SEO, but too much content isn’t easy to digest. Structure your website copy in small chunks, so your customers understand your message without being overwhelmed.

Implement Local SEO

The key to generating leads and getting your website to the top of Google is with local SEO tactics. As a rule of thumb, local SEO is how Google rates your website against local competitors. If you use the term ‘emergency plumbing services’ throughout your website, that’s great, but you might be competing with large plumbing companies with better rankings. Local SEO is great for small businesses because it includes relevant location-based terms, which means your business doesn’t have to compete against more prominent companies. Instead, you have higher chances of ranking in Google’s local three-pack and getting the desired number of leads.

If you’re ready to improve your local SEO rankings, we have the essential tips you need to get started.

  • Keyword Research
    • First, determine what you’d like to rank for and research keywords related to your niche. For example, you might want to add more content around water heaters instead of unclogging drains. Make a list and see which keywords get the best results on a platform like Google Analytics or SEM Rush.
  • Analyze Competitors
    • View local competitors’ websites to see what they’re doing. Make a note of things that increase their ranking, and see how you can apply similar strategies to your website.
  • Web Optimization
    • Update your header, footer, navigation, and other webpages to reflect the local SEO keywords you’ve chosen.
  • Content Optimization
    • Build landing pages and write blog posts that include your relevant keywords - Google will reward you later!
  • Optimize your Google account
    • Google loves SEO so much they reward you when you include local SEO in your Google My Business account!

Don’t know about GMB? That’s okay - our next point will tell you all about it.

Optimize your Google My Business Profile 

Every business on Google has a Google My Business profile - the question is whether or not the account is optimized. An optimized GMB account is key to increasing your SEO ranking because you can include relevant keywords and services in your profile. Plus, they offer various other services that encourage your customers to click on your website instead of just viewing your profile.

We’re incredibly passionate about Google My Business at Nu, so we know what it takes to get a profile up and running. If you’re ready to get to work optimizing your GMB profile, here are a few quick tips to help you get started.

PPC Ads 

PPC Ads, or pay-per-click ads, are another great way to generate leads. The way Google’s PPC Ads work is pretty straightforward. When someone searches for plumbing services, Google strategically places local service ads at the top of the consumer’s search results, whether they are searching on a browser or Google Maps.

The best part? You only pay for ads that result in a verified lead, so you’ll never overspend on unqualified leads. Plus, you can set your budget, choose which keywords you want to target, create an ad schedule, and set target locations for your ads.

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to Google Ads, but if you need assistance, a digital marketing team can help you navigate the more complex waters of PPC advertising.

Social Media 

Social media has become increasingly popular over the years, especially since COVID-19 struck. When businesses were forced to close down their storefronts, social media provided consumers with a chance to stay connected with business owners and see what they were up to.

If you’re not already on social media, now’s the time to get started. As a plumber, you don’t need to have a Pinterest account, but a Facebook page, Instagram account, Youtube account, and Twitter are great starting points. Plus, a Facebook business page and Instagram account gives customers the chance to read blog posts, view completed projects, or message you about services.

On your social media accounts, if you’re not sure what to post, we recommend the sharing following:

  • Before and After Photos
  • Informational Videos
  • Service Announcements 
  • New Hires
  • Resources

Customer Reviews

It might seem surprising, but your customers are a great asset when it comes to marketing your business, thanks to the reviews they write on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. Nothing attracts a new lead quite like a glowing review about your service - the hard part is encouraging your customers to leave reviews in the first place!

If you lack customer reviews, reach out to them via social media or email. Kindly ask for their feedback, and offer an incentive if necessary.

Contact a Digital Marketing Agency

Using the best plumbing marketing strategies to grow your business is essential, but this work can also be time-consuming. Between running a business, working on jobs, and focusing on customer experiences, you have your hands full. Why not let someone else step in and help you manage the work?

As a local digital marketing agency, Nu is passionate about helping home service providers. We promise to treat your business as if it were our own - all you have to do is let us know what you need.

Want to know more about the latest marketing tips and trends? Download our free guide, 20 Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore Anymore in 2021!



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