In today’s society, we’re often so busy working, or taking the kids to and from practices, it’s hard to find time designated for scheduling tasks or appointments. If you find yourself feeling lost in the day to day shuffle, and struggling to make time for scheduling, how do you think your customers feel?

It’s time to think about a tool that really simplifies the day to day for your customers, and can exponentially increase your leads. The secret? An online booking tool.

Many of today’s websites have added the features of an online booking system, that allows clients to select their date, time, and confirm their appointments well in advance.

While this might seem like a minor task, an online booking calendar is a highly resourceful tool that can help streamline customer service and increase your overall customer satisfaction rates. For all the inside tips on how this incredible feature can benefit your business, keep reading.


Helps Organize Your Schedule

Planning your day can be difficult enough. It’s hard to prioritize tasks, meetings, consultations, and appointments with clients. Plus, factoring in your employees’ schedules can be a lot of work, and isn’t for the faint of heart. In order to stay on top of things, you have to remain organized - cue your online scheduling tool (and savior).

The first benefit of your online book calendar is that it can help you stay organized and on task. You’ll be able to receive notifications when a client schedules an appointment, and sync your calendar to reflect these updates. Plus, you’ll stay on top of what is coming in the weeks ahead with your clients. Having the ability to budget specific time for clients can help prioritize tasks, monitor schedules, and keeps your employees detail-oriented for your future customers.


Enhances Customer Service

Anyone else have a fear of the phone? While it’s not everyone’s favorite thing to do, picking up the phone actually might not be an option for many of your customers - they need to schedule a plumbing or roof consultation but have a conference call in five minutes. Rather than worrying about setting up that appointment, they can book appointments online using your booking calendar.

The truth is, everyone is so busy throughout the day, it’s hard to make time to pick up the phone and schedule that appointment. Or, you just don’t like it - period. Giving your customers options, and the flexibility to book online will enhance their customer experience prior to service. They’ll make note of the variety and options your company provided, rather than go to your competitors who require phone calls to schedule their appointments. An online booking calendar is just one of the many ways you can upgrade your business and enhance customer experiences.


Book More Appointments

The phone phobia referenced earlier? It’s actually one of the biggest factors in why customers are hesitant to make appointments at all. They either don’t have the time, or need to arrange this appointment after you’ve closed, or just don’t like picking up the phone. Millennials, in particular, won’t talk over the phone as possible, as many as 25% saying they won’t use a service without an online option.

You’ll be able to book more consultations, visits, and appointments thanks to your online booking tool, which will increase your overall traffic and sales, especially with millennial homeowners. More importantly, you’ll be able to eliminate no shows, and keep your schedule full - even in the offseason.

Features like booking sites and online calendars are great for your customer’s on the go needs, and will help simplify and enhance your customer’s experiences overall experiences. For more tips and resources, check out How to Get an A+ in Customer Satisfaction.

Olivia Orme
About Olivia Orme

I grew up in the Northern Virginia Area, and spent my days in drama club and riding horses. Somehow, I found my way down south, and graduated from Wofford College with a degree in English and Political Science. Caught between loving the south, and missing home, Winston Salem seems to be the perfect in-between. My typical day revolves around my love for writing, and I hope to bring my love for learning and creativity to our clients!

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