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Are You Tracking Your Website Visitors?

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There are tons of web analytics tools out there that show you how many people are visiting your website. 
But who are your visitors? And why should you care?

Tracking your users and knowing your audience allows you to: 

  • Create more relevant content

  • Generate more leads and referrals

  • Build better relationships with potential and existing customers

While you don’t have to know each individual user to improve your content and generate leads, you do need to know how the majority of folks are interacting with your website. We recommend tools like Google Analytics and Hubspot, which look at the strategies below to offer a comprehensive view of how users engage with your site.

Cookies...hold the milk.

You’ve seen how people flock to a plate of fresh cookies. It works every time.

Unfortunately, you can’t bribe users to stop by and stick around with your grandmother’s signature snickerdoodles, but you can track your visitors with site cookies. Cookies are tiny files which tag users and track their activity.

Think of your website as plate of cookies you left in the office break room. There are three types of cookies on the plate.

When you come back for your plate at the end of the day, there are:

  • 3 snickerdoodles
  • 10 sugar cookies
  • 0 chocolate chip cookies

Now, you don’t know who ate the cookies, but you do know the chocolate chip cookies were more popular than the sugar cookies, right?

Site cookies can’t tell you specifically who visits your site, but they can tell you what content is the most relevant and attractive to users.

Sharing is caring.

You stop by a bakery and buy a muffin. Lo and behold, it’s the best muffin you’ve ever had.
You post your half-eaten muffin on Instagram and tag the bakery.
You go back to try the donuts. They’re even better than the muffins!
You tell your coworkers. 
You text your mom. 
You share it on Facebook. 
You tweet it to the universe.

Your company’s website is the bakery, your content is your menu, and your visitors are your referrals from social media and other places on the web.

Tracking users’ social media engagement and referrals tells you that your visitors showed up for the muffins, but stayed for the donuts. 

Members Only

To track individual users, include a call-to-action to obtain visitors’ contact information. Make it worth their while by providing an exclusive, valuable offer to users who complete the contact form.

Common calls-to-action include: 
  • Inviting users to sign up for a newsletter tailored to their interest
  • Providing additional content like an eBook download or exclusive content
  • Offering discounts, limited-time offers, or free consultations

Let’s say you visit a bakery’s website to order donuts, and you’re offered 20% off of your order for signing up for a weekly email list. Are you going to do it? If you want cheaper donuts, you will. And now the bakery can follow up with content tailored to you, special offers, and company updates.

It’s a win-win.

Tracking your website visitors also provides vital insight into how you can revise and improve your content marketing, which means you can generate new leads and nurture your existing consumer relationships. 

Want to learn more about your website visitors and how you can engage with them?

Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts by sending us a message or calling (336) 842-1022!





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