If you are running a local business that targets homeowners, Google Local Service Ads (LSA) can revolutionize your lead generation efforts. You can receive direct leads through phone calls and messages sent through your Google LSA. The best part- LSA is a pay-per-lead tool, which means that you only pay when a lead contacts you!



How Do Google LSAs Work?

Local Service Ads is a search service by Google that targets explicitly local clients looking for local plumbers, locksmiths, electricians, among other related services. The LSAs appear on Google's search results and show your business name, business number, ratings, reviews, location, operating hours, and the Google Guarantee Badge.

When a client clicks on an LSA, Google prompts them to specify their service area and the service they are seeking. The LSA platform then connects them to you if you're within their area. If you're not within the region, Google saves your money since you only incur a cost per lead. Google's Local Service Ads will appear on desktop and mobile searches and ranks higher than organic listings and paid search ads.

Getting Started with Google LSA

To get started with Google LSA, you need to register your business. First, all your technicians must pass Google's background check. It is currently free. Your business must also meet all licensing and insurance requirements in your industry. Once you qualify, you can edit your profile to target clients.

You can control the job types you offer, your business hours, your service areas, and the weekly budget for your ads. Google LSA also allows you to manage your leads through the desktop or the mobile app to create a working schedule. If you have an appointment, you can turn off the adds.


Are you looking to expand your business within your local service area? You can achieve your lead generation goals using Google Local Service Ads. Contact Nu today and receive professional assistance with your LSA.


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