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A Comprehensive Guide to Google Local Ads

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 Guide to Google Local Ads

 If you are like most business owners, you're always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to market your company. You want to connect with more customers and get them through the door, which is vital for the continued growth of any business. In today's highly connected world, Google Local Ads is the way to go. You may miss out on a major opportunity by not including it in your marketing strategy.

Google's Local Service Ads (GLSA) is an exciting way to advertise local businesses to obtain a higher conversion rate. It is different from Google Ads or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising because, with GLSAs, you only pay per lead when potential clients contact you and leave a message or query by clicking on your ads.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll talk about all things local ads: what it is, how they work, and what are its benefits for your business. We'll also show you how to create these ads to take your business to the next level.  


What are Google Local Ads?

Local Ads by Google is a form of online advertising where businesses list their services and contact information on Google. Also known as Local Service Ads (GLSAs), they can promote your business effectively by being where consumers need you to be: easily searchable in the same or nearby locations.

Google local services ads are free; anyone can sign up if they want to, and running them is not mandatory. There is, however, a screening and verification process where Google will check your business profile and background, if you have the proper permits and licenses and if you also have insurance.

Once you pass screening and verification, your business will receive a Google guaranteed badge, so new customers know you are a legitimate service provider. If clients are unsatisfied, the Google Guarantee may reimburse the initial service cost with a lifetime cap, depending on what country your local business operates.


How do Google's Local Ads work?

Now that we know a little more about local service ads let's look at how they work.

Google Local Search ads are pay-per-lead ads, meaning you are only charged when new consumers connect to you via your local service ad. It differs from regular Google Ads formats (text ads and display network ads), which are pay-per-click ads. PPC ads bill you every time clients find and click on your website, even if they don't get in touch with you or leave any customer inquiries. An increase in brand awareness for your site and business is a given, but PPC ads alone won't guarantee you gain new leads. 

Many local business owners feel that local search ads provide more value and a faster ROI. It is easier on your advertising budget because how much you spend will depend on when customers find you and then make calls about your services. You will then get an immediate investment return if you get jobs booked via GLSAs.

Do you need help with your SEO strategy? Call us to book a free consultation! 


Where Are Google Local Services Ads Displayed?

When a new user searches for a similar business using relevant keywords or phrases, such as "plumbers near me," Google local services ads will appear on the top of the search results page, above traditional Google Ads and organic search engine results. 

Your ads will also appear on Google maps if your business is "Google guaranteed." It is a powerful marketing asset for your company, especially if you already have an existing Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) account.

Your local service ads display will include:

  • Your business name

  • The industry you part of and the services you offer

  • The specific locations of your service area

  • The number of customer reviews

  • Your business hours

  • Your contact details

If they're interested in what you have to offer, searchers can click on your ad and call you or book an appointment directly from there.


What Makes Google Local Service Ads Unique?

Google local service ads are different from other types of lead generation ads because:

  • They only target customers in your specified service area or region. No need to worry about getting inquiries that are too far away for you to serve.

  • You can list multiple services. If your business offers more than one type of service, include them in your GLSAs, so potential customers will know what you do.

  • Your business will receive a google guaranteed badge. New customers will have peace of mind knowing that they're working with a legitimate service provider.


How to Get Started With Google Local Service Ads

If you feel Google local service ads are right for your business but are unsure where to start, don't worry- we've got you covered.

Creating a google local services ad is a pretty straightforward process, but there are a few things you need to do before you can get started:


I. Setting Up Your GMB Account

  • Create a Google Business Profile (formerly GMB) if you don't have one. Fill out all the pertinent information and then wait for Google to mail you a postcard with their verification code that will confirm your physical location. 

  • While waiting, optimize your GMB account by including the correct keywords, great photos, complete business information, customer reviews, and GMB post content to receive all its benefits.

  • Once your physical address is verified, link your GMB profile to a Google Ads account and set up ad extensions allowing you to post phone numbers and more.


II. Setting Up Your First Google Local Service Ad

  • Sign up and create an account. 

  • Select your relevant service category.

  • Identity your service area. 

  • Add your contact details, business address, and payment information.

  • Include your reviews. You can also ask for new reviews from your current or past customers.

  • Go through the Google verification process.

  • Set up your local ads budget by determining a maximum  of leads per week based on your budget.

  • Create your first google local service ad!


What Are the Benefits of Using Google Local Service Ads?

Here are some key advantages of using Google Local Service Ads for your growing business: 


Increased Online Presence And Visibility

Local services ads are a great way to start if you are currently not using online advertising such as Google's AdWords and Display Network campaigns. You will be able to reach new customers when they're doing a quick Google search for services like yours.


It Is Tailor-made For Local Businesses

You can reach new customers effectively, getting in front of their search process if your business serves the specific locations they are interested in.


Offers Better Savings And Roi

Google Local Service Ads are pay-per-lead ads, so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and contacts you about your services. You are free to set your daily budget and even target specific geographical locations so you can connect with customers who are likely to use your services because they are nearby. You can also monitor and track your new leads almost immediately.


Highly Visible And Clickable Ads

Since your local search ads will appear above all the other Google Ads and organic results, they will have a high visibility rate, leading to a higher percentage of clicks. 


Customer Reviews Spotlight 

Google's Local Service Ads shine a light on your business reviews. Your ad will include them and other customer ratings. This type of past customer endorsement and advocacy also adds to your trustworthiness and legitimacy as a business, leading to more sales.  


Supports Local S Efforts

Only extraordinary businesses and services can avail of google local service ads. These include electricians, locksmiths, plumbers, lawn care companies, self-storage companies, house cleaning companies, locksmiths, and HVAC providers. If you are already running local organic SEO marketing efforts for your service-oriented business, Google's local service ads can offer paid ads support. 


Use Google's Local Ads Today!

Google local search ads are an innovative, straightforward, and cost-effective way to get your business in front of new, potential customers who are already looking for what you have to offer.

They also offer several other benefits that will help market your business and keep you ahead of the competition in your service area. And while it might seem there is a lot to consider when setting them up, the results make it worth it. 


If you want to learn more about Google Local Service Ads and how they can meet your business needs, Contact us at Nu, and we'll happily work with you to set them up so you can achieve continued sustainable business growth and success.

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