Does your site offer a chat option, or are potential customers forced to call your office?

Chat bots and live chat are tools that can help grow your business and retain your current clients in a very passive and simple way. Allowing someone to visit your website and immediately begin chatting with an automated bot frees up time from your team and allows customers and prospects the opportunity to receive quick assistance. 

Take a look at some of the top reasons you need to add a chat option to your website:


1. People don't like talking on the phone.

Let's face it, when given the option between texting or calling, most people are going to text. Give your prospects options when it comes to getting in touch. With automated bots, clients can reach out without the hassle of being on hold or sorting through an automated phone system, or having to talk to a person when they don't really want to.


2. We're constantly multi-tasking.

With computer-focused jobs so prevalent today, it's easier for your customers to reach out via chat when the conversation is just a browser tab away. Switching between tasks is so common that switching between chat with an automated bot (who's not troubled by response wait times) and other daily tasks is easy!


3. Sometimes people just want answers, fast.

If your customers or prospects are looking for answers from you, chat with automated bots is the easiest and fastest way for them to receive the information they need. Rather than getting on the phone to find their way to a human through a list of prompts, they can easily find the information they need with an automated bot.


4. People are afraid that they're going to be sold to.

No one likes to feel pressured to make a purchase when all they want is information. Chat removes that worry by creating a quick and easy conversation based around whatever the customer needs!


5. Your customers want to help themselves.

In a world of YouTube self-help videos, IKEA instructions, and a plethora of online tutorials, people lean toward self-help rather than looking for assistance for every small thing. Chat through automated bots allows people to get the answers they're looking for quickly and efficiently, giving them control of the situation.


6. Response rates are through the roof.

How many emails do you receive in a day? How many do you open and read? Response rates for quicker communication like chat and Facebook Messenger are much higher and more likely to be engaged with by your target audience. In fact, chat bots are shown to have an average 15-60% CTR - when was the last time you could say the same for an email?


7. When done right, chat bots show the very best of your business.

Imagine having your best company advocate available 24/7! Even without the tone of a voice, chat bots can show the personality of your business when done right. With the right prompts and messaging, you're able to communicate who you are and what you care about through the use of chat to anyone, anytime. This gives a prospective client more information about you, quicker, and allows people to see what you're all about!

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If you're interested in finding out more about the use of automated chat bots and how it can help your business, chat with us now! at Nu. We'll help you find the best tools to fit your business needs!


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