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6 Ways to Rank Your Business on Apple Maps!

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"Hey Siri, I'm looking for a Granite and Marble shop," an iPhone user talks to Siri. The virtual voice assistant from Apple responds, "Based on your current location, here are a few top-rated ones…."

Does Siri include your shop and business in the response? If it doesn't, you probably haven't optimized your business for excellent visibility on Apple Maps! That can't be good for your business when many of your local competitors are connecting with new customers this way.

Why Apple Maps Ranking Merits Serious Consideration

Google optimization, be it on the search engine itself or Google Maps, has been the central focus of digital marketing for years. And Google-oriented SEO has been delivering remarkable results to businesses for a long time.

While Google isn't going anywhere soon, businesses may require a multi-platform digital marketing strategy to optimize their web visibility. For example, it's high time you extended your online reach to the many local customers searching for your business via non-android devices.

According to Statista, about 23 million people searched locations via Apple Maps as of April 2018. How do you put your business in front of the eyes of these iOS device users? It has to be through excellent Apple Maps ranking. When a potential customer uses Siri to find a local business, Apple Maps supplies the answer. So you need to optimize your business for these applications for such a user to see you.

Here are six ways to promote your business on Apple Maps:

1. Adopt a Multifaceted Approach to Rank Your Business

The first critical step is adding your company via the Apple Maps Connect tool. It's pretty simple. Just sign in with your Apple ID and password. You need to create an Apple ID if you don't have one.

Next, provide necessary business details, including name, phone number, and location. Apple has to verify your business telephone number and confirm your location, though. Try to incorporate the anticipated user search term or keyword in the business name. Add your company website, Yelp page, and social media accounts too.

However, Apple Maps optimization requires a multifaceted strategy because the app doesn't independently collect a lot of data. As such, your business has to be prominently visible in multiple places online to rank highly on Apple Maps.

For starters, create an authentic Yelp profile. That's the primary source of the local business info that Apple Maps passes on to Siri users.

2. Maintain Accurate, Up-to-Date, and Consistent Business Info

Apple aims at providing the most accurate local search results via its mobile voice search and GPS-guided navigation applications. It can't do that when listed businesses are providing inaccurate information on Yelp. You may view accuracy as a vital white hat technique for the best Apple Maps SEO results. Keep in mind that mobile Siri users are looking for information they can act on immediately. When the app directs them to your restaurant, dental clinic, or coffee shop, they expect to find you right away.

What if you changed your company location and failed to update it on Yelp? You'd be setting up Apple Maps to disappoint its users! That never ends well for most business listings on the iOS app. So, be sure to provide the correct business NAP details (name, address, phone number). If the information changes, such as when you've moved to a new location, ensure to update it on Yelp. Also, the info you provide should be consistent across all the online platforms on which your business listing appears. Such consistency improves your company's Apple Maps ranking.

For example, don't list your business as Dallas Family Dental on Locazele, but as Dallas Family Dentist on Factual. These directories supply Apple Maps with vital metadata that enhances the local voice search experience for Siri users. Conflicting business info across these platforms could hurt your Apple Maps SEO in a big way.

3. Earn More Positive Yelp Reviews

The more positive reviews you get on Yelp, the higher is your ranking on the web-based business directory. And your Apple Maps ranking rises with your growing prominence on Yelp based on favorable consumer ratings.

But why would customer feedback factor in Apple Maps search results ratings? It has a lot to do with meeting user expectations. Mostly, Siri users are looking for the "best" or "finest" option available, and they'll even use these search terms. As such, Apple does well to scour Yelp business profiles for top-rated options to offer its users.    Also, many consumers who visit Yelp make a purchasing decision based on the business reviews they read there. That makes consumer feedback a relevant metric for ranking Apple Maps business listings.

So, how do you attract and keep favorable business reviews on Yelp? Start by encouraging satisfied customers to comment on your service or product. Respond to both negative and positive feedback, but pay more attention to the latter. However great a review is, Yelp algorithms may filter it out if it falls short of the certain credibility standards. As such, encourage honest and unbiased consumer sentiments or opinions only. Additionally, comments from inactive Yelp users or bot-generated feedback may be counterproductive.       

It'd be great for your Yelp prominence if you could get some positive feedback from the platform's "Elite Squad." This group of reviewers can provide high-quality, informative business reviews to enhance your Apple Maps ranking. However, a word of caution regarding procuring positive feedback is in order here. Yelp maintains its credibility based on the genuine, organic reviews that shoppers, travelers, and other consumers leave on the site.

So don't buy feedback, or Yelp will expose your behavior, which will affect your prominence on the business directory.

4. Optimize Keywords to Generate Relevant Voice Search Results

Keyword optimization won't die with the increasing popularity of voice search. If anything, its importance grows as digital marketers align their content strategies with their Apple Maps SEO efforts. The key here is to understand how voice search works and to anticipate the target users' search terms. With Siri, the queries tend to be longer than what you'd type on a keyboard.

A perfect example of a typical user's natural speech is, "Hey Siri where is the nearest Walmart." If you were looking up the nearest Walmart store via Google or Bing, you'd most likely use fewer words. So, as a digital marketer, you should deploy long-tail keywords to match the way Siri users speak their queries.

Keyword optimization enables you to target the right audience. In turn, it improves the relevance of Siri's voice search results. Yelp reviews should be your number one target for keyword optimization to enhance your business' visibility on Apple Maps and Siri. You can start by encouraging reviewers to include long-tail keywords in their comments.

Likewise, interact with people commenting favorably about your specific products and request them to include your business name in their comments.

5. Get Rid of Duplication

After Yelp users have enjoyed your service or product, you want them leaving feedback in one place. That's because duplicate Yelp profiles can derail your ascension to prominence on the local business directory.

But how can duplication on Yelp hurt your Apple Maps ranking?

Consider if you had 300 reviews in one Yelp account and 300 or so in another. To Yelp and Apple Maps, these two accounts would be independent business entities competing for visibility. Therefore, despite earning 600 consumer reviews, only half of that would count toward improving your overall ranking on both platforms.

Resolving duplication requires a proactive approach on your part, and the first step is to claim your Yelp listing. It entails creating or signing in to your Yelp business user account. To verify that you own the company you're claiming, Yelp may call the business phone number you provided. 

Once you've claimed your Yelp listing, nobody may change its information without supplying the correct business owner credentials. This way, you can guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the business information Siri passes on to your prospective customers.

Also, claiming your Yelp listing gives you more content control. As such, with videos, photos, or business website links, you can provide a consistent brand voice without confusing consumers.

However, always keep an eye out for duplication as Yelp doesn't verify new business account signups. Be sure to alert Yelp if you spot a "fake" or duplicate listing.

6. Fix Missing or Misleading Business Info on the iOS Map Software

Apple Maps may not direct Siri users to your business if the iOS app has critical company information missing or incorrect. Maybe it's got your street name wrong, or the business location is missing. Correcting such discrepancies can boost your Apple Maps ranking.

Fortunately, you can report any errant data that appears on the iOS map app. So, check out the map and confirm that your business shows up at the right location, otherwise, notify Apple Maps. Reporting ensures future map upgrades address the problem.

You may also want to check whether the application has your business in the correct category.

Final Thoughts

Are you pleased with your Apple Maps ranking? There are steps you can take to ensure maximum visibility on the map. It all begins with optimizing your Yelp profile, which is the application's primary source of business information. This way, you can keep a prominent business listing on Siri to drive more customers to your location.

Would you like to enhance your Apple Maps ranking or SEO and multiply your leads? Chat with our digital marketing team or find out more about our process.

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