Whether you offer plumbing, landscaping, security, or electrical services, chances are, homeowners are never going to NOT need your business. As long as people are living in apartments, condos, single-family homes, and even tiny houses, they’re going to need home and residential services when their basement floods, the AC stops working, or the roof starts leaking. 


If you’re in any of the home services industries, you know you’re in demand, but how can you be sure that your potential customers are finding your company instead of your competition? Reach more qualified leads with these few marketing tips.


Build your buyer personas.

Your buyer personas are a profile of your best customers. Your business may have one or two highly targeted buyer personas or several. Who is your ideal customer? The new homeowner? The serial fixer-upper? The millennial looking for eco-friendly appliances? The elderly couple looking for maintenance-free living? The amateur landscaper who cares more about her yard than her actual home? The ever-mobile tiny-home homeowner? All of the above?  It won’t matter how well crafted your content, website, and strategies are if you’re not reaching the right people. 

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When crafting your buyer personas, start by considering which problems they’re trying to solve compared to which problems you’re prepared to solve. From here, determine their demographics, incomes, budgets, wish lists, types of homes, etc. Clear, detailed buyer personas offer a stronger foundation upon which to build the rest of your marketing campaigns.


Meet your potential customers where they are

Find out where your ideal customers are looking for homeowner solutions, and go there. Are they asking their Facebook friends or liking photos of your work on Instagram? (Need to get on the ‘Gram? Check out: The Newbie’s Guide to Kickstarting Your Instagram Marketing Strategy in 6 Steps) When they google a question related to the services you provide, does your business show up in the top 10 searches on the search engine results page (SERP)? (See: Can SEO Boost My Sales?) What about sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, and Houzz?

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Make sure you’re easy to find and prepared to offer clear, relevant information as soon as a lead lands on your website or picks up the phone to call you. Build social and professional clout by maintaining a professional, functional, and useful website, staying active and relevant on social media, and keeping your business’ information up to date on relevant directories and business profiles.


Tell them a story they’ll actually care about.

This is their home. Their humble abode, their castle, their retreat from the world. However they view it, they probably aren’t too keen on opening their doors to a representative or technician from a business they’re not already familiar with. Sure, your roots and your brand make you unique and set you apart from other businesses, but what about your website, brand, or social media presence helps build your credibility and trust among existing and potential clients? 


The “about” page is important for all businesses, sure, but it’s vital for your home services business. Whether you’re there to repair an HVAC, hang a TV,  or install an alarm system, you (or one of your colleagues or employees) are showing up and asking to be welcomed into your customers’ homes in order to do your job. Make this easier for your customers by giving them plenty of opportunities to get to know the faces and stories of the folks behind your business. Think about it, would you be more likely to hire a total stranger to come into your home or a friendly face and voice you already recognize?


Often times, we see business owners start doing all of the right things regarding their marketing, but when it starts working, they realize their teams, systems, and processes aren’t equipped to take on the new business. Don’t end up turning valuable clients away due to unscalable processes and overworked employees. Before you get in the weeds, check out: How Can I Scale My Business?

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