Not seeing the results you’re looking for from your online sales campaign? Here are a few tips for upping your online revenue.

Increase traffic

The obvious precursor to increasing your online sales is to increase your website traffic. There are a variety of ways to increase traffic, including:


Target each phase of the buyer journey:

First, a quick refresher. These phases are:

Awareness - When the buyer first realizes they have a problem and need a solution.

Consideration - When the buyer is researching products and services to solve their problem.

Decision - When the buyer chooses a course of action.

Addressing each phase of the buyer journey on your website helps attract, guide, and close customers. If all of your content, calls-to-action, and communication is geared too heavily towards the awareness stage, buyers are going to struggle to move down the funnel and commit to your product or service.

On the flip side, if all of your efforts are aimed at the decision phase, buyers in the earlier stages will be put off by the lack of stage-appropriate resources, and will likely bounce from your website.

Target each phase through:


  • A variety of educational content
  • Tailored calls-to-action
  • Personalized emails

Keep ‘em coming back

One of your strongest sources of sales is the loyalty of existing customers. If they enjoy their experience with your company, current customers are more likely to refer you to friends, leave positive reviews, and repurchase your products and services. Keep customers around with the following tips:

Offering exclusive discounts to repeat customers.

People like to be courted, but you have to have some tact. Instead of flooding everyone’s inbox with generic ads, try targeting only the people who have already invested in your business by offering an additional 10% off the next time they shop. A holiday offer here and there is also a great way to encourage repeat purchases. A little bit of strategy and personalization go a long way when it comes to increasing online sales with existing customers.

Retargeting ads and emails to remind them why they were interested in the first place.

We’ve personally seen our clients achieve much higher online sales from marketing automation and strategic emails, like abandoned cart reminders.

Make it simple

Make sure your website is intuitive and that your customer service is always accessible. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for the customer to convert. Options like signing up for automatic order renewal and the ability to save orders for later (with a well-timed reminder email, of course!) make staying loyal to your business easy and appealing.

These are just a few tips for increasing your online sales, but keep in mind, there’s not just one “right” way. All of the above works together to draw people in and move them down the funnel of their buyer’s journey, but there are a variety of strategies and methods not mentioned here that also contribute to your online sales success. If any of these caught your eye, but you’re not quite sure how to best implement them in your marketing strategy, we’d love to chat!

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