We’re sure you’ve thought about how to raise awareness around your brand and services, right? Of course marketing your business in general is going to attract people to your company. (That is, if you’re marketing the right way.)

But have you considered how raising awareness about particular products could boost your business?

In July 2017, The Embroidery Store came to Nu with the following goal: to raise awareness about a new product they just launched in their store, Robison-Anton Embroidery Thread.

If you aren’t familiar with this product, don’t worry. Before we got to know our pals at The Embroidery Store, we hardly knew a sewing machine from an embroidery machine. But Robison-Anton thread is a BIG deal to embroidery hobbyists and professionals alike.

Being Nu, and doing what we do, we targeted the following:


  • Product promotion
  • Lead generation
  • Keyword ranking

Product Promotion

The best products speak for themselves, but sometimes people need help finding them. To kick off the campaign, we organized a Robison-Anton giveaway, featuring the new line and giving people a chance to win a complete color card (which included hand-spun samples of 400+ different colors of Robison-Anton thread) along with a full spool of thread in one color.


Lead Generation

Hey, we all love free things, and giveaways are exciting! Visitors were given the opportunity to enter their name, email, and answer a fun, simple question to join in on the contest.  The product campaign generated 478 leads for The Embroidery Store in their first month with Nu’s inbound marketing approach.


Keyword ranking

Ranking for keywords and phrases in search engine results is the key to driving internet users to your website. The more relevant your content and the higher your rank, the more authority sites like Google and Bing give your content, which means your site gets listed on higher on the results page.

Thanks to smart SEO during the product campaign, The Embroidery Store went from unranked for “Robison-Anton” to #7 (and it’s still on the up and up) in less than a year, meaning their content is displayed on the first page of Google’s search results when potential buyers are looking for Robison-Anton threads.  

With Nu’s comprehensive strategy, the Embroidery Store experience a 53% increase in leads generated in less than a year. From here, they even saw a 22% increase in lead conversion.


To check out the details and hard work that went into the Embroidery Store’s success, download their case study!


Abigail Gleason
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Hey! I’m Abigail. As a writer and SEO specialist, I love getting to combine my knack for writing and research with my desire to help others thrive!

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