Inbound Sales...Say What?

If you’ve been following our blog, you’re probably familiar with inbound marketing, but if you need a quick refresh, check out these posts:

Now that we’re all on the same page about inbound marketing, it’s high time we start talking about inbound sales.  If you’re still relying on cold calls and sales pitches to meet your goals for growth, it may be is definitely time to change your sales tactics. Inbound sales adapts the key features of inbound marketing to fit your sales process. Essentially, it bridges the gap between sales and marketing to better integrate two key aspects of growing your business to get:

Smarter Workflows

Please, we beg of you: s - t - a - h - p with the aimless email blasts, discombobulated content “strategies,” and chaotic project management hooplah. The inbound methodology integrates your sales and marketing strategies to eliminate extra work, friction, and wasteful practices.

More High-Quality Leads

Sure, you’ve heard “get better leads” or “get more leads” before, but let’s face it — you’re not only interested in more leads or better leads. You’re looking for both, and reasonably so. Getting more mac ‘n’ cheese is hardly worth it if it’s full of soggy noodles and watery cheese that is just going to ruin your appetite. Having 3 bites of the perfect mac ‘n’ cheese isn’t a sustainable way to keep hunger at bay.

You need quantity and quality for sustainable growth. Which is where the inbound sales process really shines.

Inbound and Outbound Sales Strategies

Outbound is only concerned with getting more leads. You cold call until you can’t cold call anymore. You face rejection, stress, and burnout. You’re trying to succeed at an impossible task. Not to mention you’re wasting time, resources, and money on empty lead generation.

Inbound sales starts by identifying what leads are quality leads before it worries about increasing the quantity of leads. Outbound begs anyone and everyone you can reach to please, pretty please, pay attention to you. Inbound allows already-interested prospects to better connect with your brand without aggressive, wasteful, and obnoxious outbound tactics. Inbound sales works by crafting your buyer’s journey to suit your ideal buyer personas and helping your marketing teams and sales teams work more effectively and collaboratively. Valuable content like well-crafted sales emails, educational materials, and promotional materials regarding your product or service draw folks in, while a personal phone call with authentic, confident, and helpful sales reps help you close deals. The key? People will be calling you to address their pain points. Not the other way around.

Web Design that Works

If you’ve been thinking that you might need a new website, you probably do. Realistically, you should plan to update your website every few years, and don’t forget to maintain your website with plenty of minor adjustments and tweaks every few months.

Any web design company can give you a website that’s attractive and mobile-friendly. They can make buttons to contact, buy, or subscribe. They can follow the latest design trends. They can help you choose the perfect menu items. But only a sales-savvy marketing firm can ensure that your website is optimized for attracting and closing leads and secure sustainable, scalable growth for your business.

Once you do see an increase in the number of inbound leads, how do you know which leads to target? Read: How Do I Get More Qualified Leads from My Website?

Marketing technology, smarter sales and marketing teams, and sales enablement practices come together in the inbound methodology to produce streamlined workflows, tap into higher quality leads, and generate sustainable growth for your business.

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